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Kabale University Computer Science & Information Technology

Kabale University Computer Science & IT – Check the list of courses offered by the department.

Kabale University has been the center of ICT in the Kigezi region since its inception in 2002. The Department of Information Technology and Computer Science has the following Courses;

  1. Bachelor of Computer Science
  2. Bachelor of Information Technology
  3. Diploma in Computer Science
  4. Diploma in Information Technology

Computer Science degree focuses on the Software Development and Systems Programming while Information Technology degree focuses on the application development and Information Technology

Bachelor of Computer Science is suitable for someone who has a background in mathematics and is interested in more of theory and math behind Computer Science. Bachelor of Information Technology is suitable for someone is interested in developing communication project skills in addition to technical skills. Though Computer Science and Information Technology require different fields, they both require Technical knowledge and creative problem solving skills. Both programs give you hands-on experience in the field through class projects and internship (Industrial training) opportunities.

The IT sector is exceptionally diverse and continues to grow with increasing convergence of computer and network technology. It touches nearly all aspects of our lives: the way we work, the way we learn, the way we communicate, the way we socialize, the way we entertain ourselves.  IT and Computer Science professionals often move between professional specializations as their interests and expertise grow and change. For instance, these days, success in any occupational field, be it law, medicine, business, education, entertainment, finance, etc., requires a command of IT.

IT offers attractive, mission-critical, high-paying jobs with the potential for multiple career paths. The proggrammes in the department   will allow students to choose from a wide range of careers in software development, business analysis, Telecommunication consulting, data modeling, systems integration, Database Administrators, System Administrators, Network Administrators, Software Engineers, Computer Scientists, Computer Science Lecturers, Researchers, Database Programmers, and Computer/Systems Programmers and network management. The department is crafted to provide students with knowledge and skills in hardware and software designs as well as application in order to close the digital gap by creating new and tailored solutions to the existing societal challenges associated with data/ information process, storage, access and security.

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