Kabale University Library and Information Science

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Kabale University Library and Information Science

Kabale University Library and Information Science – Check the list of courses offered by the department:

The department was inaugurated in 2005 with a vision to develop human resource capacity which can respond to the library and information management needs of society at both national and international levels.

The department aims at satisfying both present and future information management needs by providing innovative learning, teaching and research in the field so as to enable provision of professional services in response to dynamic global information management needs and job market.

There has been a trend in workforce demands requiring a new brand of information professionals with unique and specialized knowledge and skills, at the same time with all-round capabilities to take on different specialized information science and management tasks. The department therefore addresses this demand by:

  • Addressing society needs through dissemination of information and knowledge.
  • Balancing theory and practice through enhancement of practicum and field-based training.
  • Bringing in new ideas to address the emerging trends in the job market.
  • Equip the students with versatile skills to handle prevailing information science and management tasks.

The following undergraduate diploma and bachelor’s degree programmes are on offer:

  • Diploma in Library and Information Science (DLS)
  • Diploma in Records Management (DRM)
  • Bachelor of Library and Information Science (BLS)
  • Bachelor of Records and Information Management (BRIM)

Admission Requirements
Admission to the programmes is through any of the four avenues:

  • Direct Entry: Entry into a degree programme requires at least two principal passes, while entry into a diploma programme requires at least a principal pass and two subsidiary passes, obtained at the same sitting of the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) examinations or its equivalent.
  • Mature Age Scheme: this involves sitting for and passing relevant examinations administered by a body or institution recognized by the National Council for Higher Education.
  • Diploma Holders’ Scheme: this is for holders of relevant diplomas. Holders of a Diploma who upgrade into the same field of study take two (2) years to complete the degree programme.
  • Degree Holders from a recognized institutions may be admitted to any of the degree programmes stated above.

Both female and male applicants that meet University entrance requirements are admitted to the programmes.

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