Kabale University Faculty of Education

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Kabale University Faculty of Education

Kabale University Faculty of Education – Read details below:

The Faculty’s mission is to provide relevant education and training opportunities for individual students in their quest for professional development. The Faculty aims at developing skills, knowledge and values that are critical in promoting excellence in teaching, learning and research.

The programmes, whose details follow, are aimed at producing professional graduate teachers with high calibre, able to transform and inspire learners and provide academic leadership in the institutions where they serve. That way, our University will be a torch- bearer and shining example, a leader in education.

I invite the new and continuing students to maintain critical studentship which leads to originality in research, inquisitive mind and innovation. Welcome to a new learning experience.

Our Vision:
The vision of the Faculty of Education is to be a competitive centre of excellence in the training of quality, professional teachers with relevant leadership skills and competences in education, research and innovation which inspire staff, students and the communities.

Our Mission:
The Faculty’s threefold mission is to:

  • Prepare education professionals for a variety of direct service and leadership roles in school;
  • Train a high calibre of teachers able to inspire and transform learners into responsible citizens with self-discipline, moral integrity and intellectual competence.
  • Provide academic leadership grounded in intellectual excellence.

Faculty Objectives :

  • To train competent and professional teachers able to transform how knowledge is created, understood and shared;
  • To develop and embed relevancy and connectedness in the curriculum offered to students in the Faculty;
  • To promote a culture of critical studentship with self discipline, moral integrity, tolerance and intellectual capability.
  • To promote basic and applied research in areas of teaching and learning, human growth and development, and education policy.
  • To establish open and distance learning for serving teachers at various levels of education through national and regional outreach with relevant courses for career development.
  • Engage in consultancy services and participate in community outreach.

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