Mbarara University Pathology Department

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Mbarara University Pathology Department

Mbarara University Pathology Department – Read details below:


The department of pathology was subsequently formed in 1990 to teach pathology to the second year and third year students of medicine. The department forms one of the integral units of the Faculty of Medicine responsible for teaching and conducting research in pathology. It is in this department that future medical practitioners are educated about the diseases, the effect of diseases on human bodies, and their manifestation and attendant complications.

Vision:  Turn the department into a center of excellence in all the various aspects of pathology practice.

Mission: Avail pathology services to all humanity through intensifying education and research in the various fields of pathology.

The department of pathology is crucial center for research and is responsible for diagnosis of and surveillance of cancer. This is achieved through the histopathology and cytology service rendered to community through the various health providing establishments in south Western region and beyond. In this regard, the department is affiliated to the Uganda Cancer Registry and the International Association of Cancer Registries.

The department is also responsible for autopsy services which are done either as part medical training, research and medical audit or as part of forensic medicine. This service is rendered to the low enforcement agencies in the region as part of the obligation to offer medical-services which contribute to a serene community.

The department is housed in the Pathology/ Microbiology building, with offices for various cadre levels. The department has a fairy automated histopathology laboratory, and a museum of gross pathology specimens.

The mortuary is located in this building where both the clinical and forensic postmortem examinations are carried out. The department also caters for such related services like embalming and storage of bodies.

1. Teaching

2. Diagnostic   Diagnostic of and surveillance of cancer through
Cytopathology  FNAB
Any other body fluid cell assessment for cancer
3.     Postmortem services
– Medical training
– Research
– Medical audit
– Forensic
– Other University departments
– Mbarara Municipal council
– Uganda Police Force
– Cuban Government
– MGH – Harvard University

Uganda Cancer Registry
International Association of Cancer Registries

Photo flow
1. Recording
2. Grossing
3. Processing
4. Sectioning
5. Staining
6. Diagnosis
7. Type setting the report
8. Pathology building

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