Mbarara University Dental Surgery Department

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Mbarara University Dental Surgery Department

Mbarara University Dental Surgery Department – Read details below:

Dental Surgery department was established in the mid nineteen ninety’s (1990’s) with the aim of offering TeachingResearchand Service to the students and the neighboring communities. The department was manned by at least two dental surgeons as well as two dental officers. There were also some nursing staff placed in the department.

The clinical service provision in the department was excellent with all the supplies available this was made possible through the direct procument of the required materials and supplies through the department under the university system. In fact annually the department carried out at least 10,000 treatment procedures both in the Out Patient Department and In Patient Department.

Out reach
The department carries out Oral health outreach activities. The outreach mainly is carried out in schools and around Mbarara Municipality both Primary and Secondary. The department is heavily engaged in surgical camps for the rehabilitation of children inflicted by cleft lip and palate, as well as other oro-facial anomalies.

Curriculum Development
The department had developed its first curriculum for the Bachelors of Dental Surgery (BDS) SINCE 2006 and this was accredited by the national Council of Higher education (NCHE). Due to competing priorities, the University could not proceed with the program yet the Faculty members for the department were available.

Recently, in 2012 the BDS curriculum has been reviewed to make it competency based and has been submitted back to NCHE for re-accreditation. The department is currently of drafting a Master of Science in Oral Pathology/Medicine. Also in the pipeline is the idea of training of the Diploma for dental Therapists.

Over the years, the department has contributed to teaching for mainly nursing students through service teaching. The nurses’ benefit from the practical training while on duty in the clinic or the ward whereby they are given opportunity to prepare instruments, assist the surgeon while performing procedures. They are taught some of the basic principles of oral health care of a patient with oro- facial trauma, infections etc.
The faculty members in the department have also been involved in the assessment of undergraduate students during OSCES.
In addition some of the Faculty members have been tutoring post graduate trainees in Surgery on Head and Neck tumors, oro-facial infections, Trauma as well as congenital anomalies.
The Department is additionally in inter-department research collaborations;


No. Research Title                                                                   Collaborating Partner                                        Status of Research\

1     The prevalence of Periodontitis in depression                 Department of Pstchiatry MUST                          Draft concept

in Southwestern Uganda

2.   Causes and outcomes of Head injuries among                 Department of Surgery MUST                               Proposal Submitted for funding

patients admitted in MRRH

3.  Demystify the practice of false tooth extraction in           Department of Internal Medicine                          Proposal submitted fot funding opportunities

Nyamitanga division, Mbarara Municipality
4. Prevalence of peridontitis in Pregnancy                             Makerere Colllege of Health Sciences and             Funded and on-going

Gynecology department of MUST

5.Patient satification with services in                                    Mbarara Regional refferal Hospital, Mjap              Proposal completed awaiting submission

MRRH, Uganda                                                                                                                                                    for etical approval


6.Health Needs Assessment of Primary                                 Ministry of Education and Sports, Community     Draft Proposal ready for submission to funding sgencies

Schools in Uganda                                                              Health and Nursing Department.


7. The use of E-learning to Support Health                            ICS – MUST                                                            Submitted for funding opportunities to MESAU-Mepi

Education in Universities in Uganda.

8. A study assess the knowledge, attitude                          Undergraduate student of MUST,                              Submitted for funding opportunities to MESAU- Mepi

and use of E-learning Among final year medical             KIU,MAKCHS and GULU, Mentored by

Wilfred and Angella of ICS

9. Economic Impact assessment of MUST on                      Planning department MUST, PR MUST                        Concept

Southwestern region of Uganda

10. The Prevalence of Ear infection in Primary school         Undergraduate students MUST, Mentored                 Funded by MESAU – MEPI worth 3000 US dollars

by Wilfred and Richard Apecu

in Mbarara District

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