Mbarara University Community Engagement

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Mbarara University Community Engagement and Service Learning

Mbarara University Community Engagement – see details below:

Community Engagement and Service Learning at the Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies at MUST  promotes student learning, development, and civic responsibility through co-curricular and curricular service opportunities. The department offers a Students Community Twining Project (STP) – a  weekly community based learning opportunity to all undergraduate students. During STP activities, students work with community around the university to develop and implement development projects. Students are also required to undertake internship placement in a typical work environment. Other service learning opportunities are through subject specific field visits during their course of training.  In fulfillment of the mission of the Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies, ‘to provide quality training and research that integrates methodology and practice from more than one discipline in order to holistically address community needs’, aims to:

  • Connect FIS students as members of the campus, community, and global society i.e. connect learning, life and community
  • Bridge students’ theoretical and practical knowledge through experiential learning opportunities
  • Foster critical thinking, problem solving, and multicultural competencies, and
  • Empower students to become engaged citizens and agents of social and environmental change

The Department of Community Engagement and Service through the STP programme and departmental research supports students and staff on their journey toward civic engagement by maintaining partnerships with communities around the university; offering community service consultation to individual students, groups, and faculty/staff; and support numerous community development initiatives. The department is also charged with responsibility to develop and implement retooling and in-service training programs.

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