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Mbarara University Faculty of Applied Science and Technology

Mbarara University Faculty of Applied Science – Read details below:

The Plan

The Faculty of Applied Science and Technology Strategy (F.A.S.T) and Implementation Plan was conceived in 1998 by the Vice Chancellor Professor F.I.B Kayanja and initially documented by Mr. Stephen J Palmer a Visiting Engineer. The overall vision of the Faculty was to be a center of excellence in the provision quality training and promote research in applied and multi-disciplinary Science and Technology with a focus on community development. In line with government policy on Higher Education of science and Technology and 5 (Five) Year National Development Plan and the University Strategic Plan, the establishment of the Faculty of Applied Science and Technology has become a priority. The fields of Applied Science, Engineering and Technology are key to the attainment of the Uganda’s national goal’s of social and economic development. The Faculty of Applied Science and Technology has pioneered the relocation of the University to the Mbarara University Kihumuro Campus. Throughout history, engineers and technicians have provided the knowledge and impetus to formulate, design, construct , and maintain the public infrastructure and utility systems. These systems form the foundation of credible, sustainable economic growth and prosperity. It is with this historical perspective and the guiding principles of training, effective engineers and technicians that suitable curriculum will be developed.


Engineering is about design, making things happen and solving problems. It calls for creativity, management and communication skills, as well as technical expertise and knowledge. Though the field of Engineering is vital to a country’s development, the discipline cannot stand on its on.. Other fields including development studies, business, management, computer science, health, medical science, language, communication science, mathematics and general physical science help to broaden it’s scope and enbance it ‘s effectiveness. For this reason the curriculum and training at M.U.S.T. in the AS&T Faculty must be inter-disciplinary in nature.

Mbarara University of Science and Technology

Mbarara University of Science and Technology values its track record of solid community-oriented, multi-disciplinary education. The unique approach used for training students at MUST provides and emphasizes acquaintance to rural and grassroots systems and skills. Students are therefore, prepared to work among both rural and urban communities, an approach unique in the country. A degree in Applied Science and Technology will expose the student to the world of advancing technologies in addition to sustainable technology development for developing countries.

The intent is to provide the education and experience required to develop skills in diverse fields of work. The Students who graduate from MUST are taught special skills, which make them multi-sectoral in their field of work. Further benefits of this broad based education are provided to the nation of Uganda as this new generation of graduates are capable of delivering services to the communities and work to manage and improve the Country’s natural resources, telecommunication power production, transportation, manufacturing, sanitation, health, and aggregate production. In line with the above and MUST’s mission and objectives,, the Faculty of Applied Science and Technology will be established with the following departments;

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.
Department of Biomedical sciences and Engineering.
Department of Energy, Mineral and Petroleum Studies.
Department of Civil and Building Services Engineering.
Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.

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