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Mbarara University Environment & Livelihoods Support Systems

Mbarara University Environment & Livelihoods – see details below:

The Department of Environment and Livelihoods Support Systems is administratively under the Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies. Teaching and Research in the department is built on the interdisciplinary premise that the environment is not only about physical features and structures but also community systems that determine the means of securing necessities of life.

Building on the knowledge and skills base of academic staff from diverse disciplines such as Social Ecology, Development Studies and Environmental Management, there are two academic programmes being rolled out by the Department namely; Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Livelihoods and Farm Production and Bachelor of Environment and Sustainability.  The Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Livelihoods and Farm Production (BSc.ALFP) offers a unique programme that brings an interdisciplinary approach to agricultural development, in order to facilitate appropriate innovations in farm production and agribusiness within a pro-poor growth agenda. The programme will train an ‘agro-social economist’ who can serve in a number of positions in a range of organizations that focus on livelihood, agriculture, agribusiness and community development.

The Bachelor of Environment and Sustainability prepares students for graduate school and careers in Environmental Communications, Environmental Advocacy, Sustainability Education, Environmental Policy and Analysis as well as Resource Economics.

The department is engaged in research in the areas of land governance, water and culture as well as food security issues.  We also continue to benefit from collaborations and networks with other universities and institutions in Uganda, Sudan, United Kingdom and Germany.

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