Mbarara University Computer Engineering Department

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Mbarara University Computer Engineering Department

Mbarara University Computer Engineering Department – Read details below:

About Computer Engineering.

Welcome to the Department of Computer Engineering (DoCE) web page. We live in a world dominated by Computer Systems that impact all aspects of human endeavor from electrical and communications to defense and medical technologies. With innovations that progress from concept to implementation every minute that passes, Computer Engineering is arguably the fastest growing and broadest of all technical fields, as it involves all aspects of technology from Electrical and Electronic Systems, Computing and Communication Systems to Robotics.

The Department of Computer Engineering is known for its innovative approaches to undergraduate Computer Engineering education. It produces tomorrow’s leaders of this dynamic, complex and competitive field. Whether you’re interested in Information Technology, Computer Engineering, Personal and Wireless Communications, Robotics, Imaging Technologies, Electric and Electronics, Department of Computer Engineering (DoCE’s) incorporated, flexible, project-based and hands-on curriculum that will provide you with the education and the skills you need to succeed in your career.

All programmes impart management skills and all aspects of life skills to prepare the graduates to face the real world with the right knowledge, skills and attitude to give service to the community.

One of the major focuses of Computer Engineering programme is to produce entrepreneurship-oriented graduates who are capable of propping up new companies, out of the prototypes that they will have developed at the undergraduate level. This demands that the final year projects should benchmark world class standards, capable of leading to Computer Engineering and Information & Communication Technology`s incubation.

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