Mbarara University Department Of Computer Science

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Mbarara University Department Of Computer Science

Mbarara University Department Of Computer Science – Read details below:

About the department Computer Science

The revolution in Computing has profoundly influenced our way of life, our culture and our economy. The Alumni and current students continually remind us that pursuing a degree in the Department of Computer Science is an experience rarely matched elsewhere.

Our department is indeed special; offering to the students and institute as a whole, an unusual blend of very high education expectations, computing facilities, and an exceptional quality of life. The impressive accomplishments of the Institute of Computer Science reflects these expectations, that is to say; our exceptionally high level young and enthusiastic researchers, the community service blends we provide, the impact our technology has continuously had on industry, the continuous recruitment/placement of our graduates in industry and the quality of our research infrastructure.

Important contributors to our quality of life are the department’s manageable size, the close knit atmosphere of our research groups, the active student organizations, the tradition of individual-student mentoring, easy access to the department (institute as a whole), the ever green beautiful campus and hospitable neighbouring communities, and the highly qualified, experienced and hardworking staff.

Three broad areas of intellectual growth dominate the department’s research and the Institute recruiting efforts in the coming years: Convergence of computers and networks : – In support of the increasingly more sophisticated applications Integrating computation and science: – In an effort to achieve a better understanding of the world we live in. Linking people and computing: – So as to transform the world and enhance social creativity.

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Phone: +256-485-421575

Fax: +256-485-420782

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