Makerere University Department of Disease Control

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Makerere University Department of Disease Control and Environmental Health

Makerere University Department of Disease Control – Read details below:

The department provides a cornerstone to public health through multidisciplinary research, training, and practice that is focused on communicable and non-communicable human disease and prevention, and the chemical, physical, and biological agents in the environment, which influence human health.

Faculty in the department are active in teaching, cutting-edge research, and community service and their accomplishments are making a significant impact on the nations’ public health problems and disparities. They are dedicated to excellence in teaching, scholarship and mentoring of students and are involved in active research in Environmental Health, Occupational Safety and Health, Disease prevention, control, and Health promotion.

The programmes offered in our department include the Bachelor of Environmental Health Science, the Master of Environmental and Occupational Health and a number of short courses that include a certificate in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, a certificate in Occupational Safety and Health. The Bachelor of Environmental Health Science, and the Master of Environmental and Occupational Health programmes are committed to solving the disease, workplace and environmental health problems of today and educating the practitioners and researchers of tomorrow. Alumni have gone on to positions in industry, consulting firms, government agencies, research institutions, and universities.

The Department actively pursues collaborative research activities with workplaces including industries, research institutions and district health facilities to better understand the collective and continuous exposures to environmental and occupational stresses (biological, chemical, physical and psychological) that affect health at all stages of life.

Environmental and occupational health encompasses some of today’s most critical and complex public health challenges in Uganda. The department provides effective solutions to these challenges – from characterizing disease, environmental, occupational and climate risks to assessing and managing their impacts on human health. Some of the departments research outputs have been used to set government priorities for disease prevention and control and to help private and public entities balance and manage these.

Please browse through our webpage and discover areas in our department, which may lead you to exciting career choices.

Department’s area/field of specialization

Key Roles and Responsibilities

Teaching, research and community services in the following domains;

1) Disease prevention and control

2) Environmental Health

3) Occupational Safety and Health

4) Management and administration of Public Health in community.

5) Health Promotion.

Academic Programmes in the Department

1) Bachelor of Environmental Health Sciences (BEHS)

The academic coordinator is Mr. Abdullah Ali Halage.

The programme trains professionals in Environmental Health with the attitude and scientific knowledge for managing all duties and procedures in the broad areas of Health promotion.

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