University of Kisubi Faculty of Business and ICT

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University of Kisubi Faculty of Business and ICT

University of Kisubi Faculty of Business and ICT – check below:


The Faculty of Business and ICT was established to bridge the gap between managerial theory, ICT innovations and practice.  Its main tasks and responsibilities consist of developing and offering market oriented courses in the areas of management and ICT.


To be a leading Faculty of Management and ICT that prepares competent Professionals, Persons of Integrity who think Critically and Analytically, and are Empowered by Gospel values to uphold human Dignity.


To provide a Holistic Business, Management and ICT training for Lifelong Learning that enhances Skills-oriented, Faith-based leaders capable of being Transformative agents of Society


  1. To produce the calibers of staff who are on high demand including-accountants, human resource personnel, bankers, marketers, ICT technicians etc. for employment in International Agencies, private sector, NGOs and Government.
  2. To produce entrepreneurs with the prerequisite skills and knowledge
  3. Apply modern ICT skills and knowledge in providing appropriate business solutions
  4. To produce innovative graduates with ability to improve the management of resources and thus create a vibrant private sector
  1. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (Full-time and Weekend) 3yrs
  2. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (Full-time) 3yrs
  3. Bachelor of Business Administration and Management (Full-time and Weekend) 3yrs
  4. Bachelor of Business Studies with Education (Full-time and Weekend) 3yrs
  5. Bachelor of Development and Management Studies (Full-time and Weekend) 3yrs
  6. Bachelor of Arts in Economics (Full-time and Weekend) 3yrs
  7. Bachelor of Economics and Statistics (Full-time and Weekend) 3yrs
  8. Bachelor of Agribusiness Management (Full-time and Weekend) 3yrs
  9. Diploma in Business Management (Full-time & Weekend) 2yrs
  10. Diploma in Information Technology (Full-time) 2yrs
  11.  Higher Education Certificate (Full-time)1yr

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