University of Kisubi Faculty of Education

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University of Kisubi Faculty of Education

University of Kisubi Faculty of Education – check below:


At its inception, it was just one department of education, which provided Bachelor of Arts with Education Degree only.  As the College grew and more programs were added, the department evolved into a full-fledged Faculty of Education offering programs for Bachelor of Arts with Education and Bachelor of Science with Education. It provides day (regular) programs and holiday sessions for teachers seeking to upgrade their qualification from a Diploma to a Degree (in-service). Currently, the Faculty of Education provides Degrees and Diplomas in both primary and secondary education for both Arts and Science teachers and Inclusive Education for diverse learners with a focus on primary teachers. It has two departments: Department of Sciences and Department of Arts. The Faculty Structure specifies the various coordination centres of the Faculty’s activities.

The focus of the Faculty of education pivots around the holistic and interdisciplinary approach to educational curriculum, hinged on responsible academic freedom and learner-centred hands-on educational practices with the aim of responding to the emerging needs of skilled workers for the local community and the nation at large.The Faculty of Education attaches great importance to the integral nature and development of the human person, who, empowered through holistic education, strives to achieve self- realization, and the improvement of the human condition through research and innovation. Propelled by the universal values of ethics and integrity, students seek to attain the true freedom that forges bonds of unity and togetherness, of care and concern for one another in pursuit of all that ennobles humanity in the contemporary dynamic world.

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    I am AHISHAKIYE EMMANUEL I live in RWANDA Iwould like to apply for bachelor of science education and study online or distance what the requirement to apply for university of kisubi in UGANDA


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