UBTEB E Registration For Candidates 2023-2024

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UBTEB E Registration For Candidates 2023-2024

UBTEB E Registration For Candidates – Online Registration of Candidates for the year 2023-2024 academic year:

Hardware Requirements:

  • A computer Desktop or laptop with the following specification
  • 2 GB RAM, 1.7 GHz Processing Speed
  • Camera

Software Requirements

Operating system

  • Windows (Xp,7,8,10), Linux (Desktop Environment), Mac


  • Internet Explorer
  • Chrome
  • Firefox (Mozilla)

Internet (for accessing the online system)

Final Checklist

  • Computer desktop/Laptop
  • Browsers (Mozilla or Chrome)
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Basic computer and Internet Use Knowledge (skills)

Requirements from Students

  • Student Bio Data information (UBTEB Entry Form)
  • Student Academic Documents (Should be in jpeg/png format)
  • Student Birth Certificate (Should be in jpeg/png format)
  • Student Photograph (Passport Size – Horizontal size 300 pixel) (Should be in jpeg/png format)

Accessing the Online application form

The UBTEB online candidate application form will open, depending on your internet speed, wait until the form opens

Guide for filling the online application form

  • Start by filling the form below with your personal details (Bio Information) as indicated in the previous academic documents.
  • Remember that, all fields marks with a are mandatory and must be filled with the required information.
  • Click next after entering all the information required.
  • Fill in the Program Information, select the exam Centre, program and sponsorship. Add the name of the sponsor if the sponsorship is private and click next to access the relevant qualification screen.
  • Click next after. This will display the section for relevant qualifications/Previous academic details for the candidate applying to be registered. UBTEB E Registration For Candidates
  • Fill in the field with details from your previous academic documents.
  • Remember to fill at least one index number/registration number from your previous qualifications.
  • Click next after.
  • This will take you to the section of terms where you will agree on the information provided by clicking on “I agree ……….”
  • Click to Apply button.

The message will be displayed that should if the application was successful or not. If the application is successful, an application number will be generated that the candidate can use to track the status of their application.

Registrars Module for Approving students who have applied

Open your internet browser (Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome) and type in the address bar http://emis.ubteb.go.ug:8080 and press the enter key on the keyboard

This loads the UBTEB Examination Information System Login in Form as shown below



provided by UBTEB e.g. ubtv001@ubteb.go.ug

Provide your password

(secret code) as provided by

UBTEB. Be mindful of

lowercase and upper case

characters and symbols used

From the above display, provide your username given to you from UBTEB and the password (this password can be changed to the desired one). UBTEB E Registration For Candidates

After Successful login, an interface/screen will display

Click to expand the candidates Menu

The expanded menu for candidates will display as shown in the figure below. This will enable you view All candidates, New Admissions, Approved admissions, Rejected and others.

Expanded Candidate Menu

Viewing New Admissions

From the expanded menu, click on New Admissions to display all candidates that have applied to be registered from your Centre/Institutions.

This loads the new admission Interfaces and display all students that have applied as shown below

List of students that have applied

From this stage the registrar can start the two-step process of approving the students who applied and meet the minimum requirements and have paid the registration fees.

How to approve a student- Step One

Click on the student Name

To approve a candidate, click on student Name

This loads the approve candidate Interface

Click to approve admission: After this step the student will automatically be allocated a student Registration Number

Click to edit student Bio-data, or attachments if you want to make changes to the student details

By clicking on “Approve admission”, the candidate will be assigned the registration number that he or she will use thought the period of the course/programme.

Rejecting Admissions

Admissions can also be rejected if the candidates don not met the minimum requirements for registration (E.g. those who do not have the qualifications for offering the program, and or those who have not cleared with the institution, etc.). To reject the candidate select Reject admissions.

Click to reject a student’s admission, if the student doesn’t meet the minimum entry requirements for a program

How to approve a student for Semester Registration- Step Two

After clicking on the Academic years’ tab/link the following screen will display as below. You will be able to approve the candidate for semester registration by just clicking on approve button on the corresponding semester.

Note: This will be done for other semesters without redoing step one approval above.

Click on the Approve so that the candidate is approved for a semester.

Once a candidate has been approved successfully, the candidate is moved to a list of temporarily registered students awaiting enrolment by UBTEB upon verification of fees and entry requirements.

From this stage the Registrar can view/print a list of approved candidates.

Click to view a list of students that have been approved.

This list will contain candidate details including registration Numbers and all the other details

To print the approved list of candidates, the registrar can do this by going to pre-exam reports and selecting Approved Admissions to print list of newly approved candidates.

Approved list is used to print continuing candidates after approving them for other semesters.

Editing Photos to add registration Number

From this stage all students will have been allocated registration Numbers, these are the numbers that will be used to edit the student Pictures for Upload

Note: Photos must be on a white background

To edit a picture,

  • Open the Picture with Paint (right click on the picture, select open with, click on Paint)
  • The picture will Open in Paint as shown below

To crop the picture, click select

move the mouse Pointer on the areas you want

to crop click hold and drag

Click crop to remove the un selected areas

Picture selection

Note: If the picture is too big in size you will need to first resize it to the size of a passport photograph

To resize a pic

  • Click on resize

Input the percentage of resizing, depending on the size of the picture resizing up to 30% will result in a good size and quality Picture, continue to reduce the Horizontal %age until you have a picture the size of a passport photograph

  • After successfully editing the picture, it’s time to add the student Registration on to the picture
  • To achieve this click on Text button

Click to add registration number on the candidate picture

Use the mouse to draw a text box on the student Picture as shown in the diagram

Type the correct student registration number, Raise the font size to ensure the number is visible

Bold the number to ensure that its visible

Lastly align the number in the center of the picture

Save the Picture as,

  • Name of picture— student registration (UBT002-2017-TDA508)
  • Repeat the procedures above for all the student pictures

After successfully editing all the student pictures, it’s time to upload them on to the EMIS system

Upload can be done in two ways

1.One by one candidate photo Upload

2.Bulk Upload of Photos

This will display a list of approved candidates, click on a candidate name, click edit candidate
This opens the candidate biodata form:
Scroll down to Photo
Click choose file under Photo: Browse to the location of the candidate photo, click on the candidate photo and click Update Candidate
Bulk Upload of Photos
One by one Upload,

click on pre exam reports, click on approved admitted students

  • Ensure that all picture names are the registration number of the candidate
  • Create a zip file of all photos

To create a zip

Open the folder that contains the pictures you want to upload Select all the pictures

Right click and select add to archive

Under archive Format

Click on ZIP &

Ok. This

creates a zip file

all the selected

Uploading the created the Zip File

  • Access the emis system
  • Provide your email address and password
  • Click on candidates to expand the candidate Menu

  • Click on Import Pictures
  • Browse to the folder where you placed your zip File
  • Click on the zip file and click Upload

Click to import Pictures

Click to browse the zip file containing all the pictures

Click to Import the selected Zip file

  • Endeavor to get back to candidates list to confirm that all the pictures you selected have been uploaded

Registration for Retakes

To register candidates with retakes, access all candidates by going to all candidates from the candidates menu.

Click on All Candidates to see the list of candidates or search for the candidate using the names and or registration number. UBTEB E Registration For Candidates

After displaying the candidate, click on his/her name to shows other details.

Click on the Academic Results to see the results for the candidate.

After clicking of the Academic results, you will see the results of the candidates including the papers that he/she has failed.

To register the retake paper, click on the green button +Retaker the paper will be registered for that candidate.

Repeat the processes to register more candidates’ retake papers. UBTEB Registration Form


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