Ndejje University Department of Chemical Engineering

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Ndejje University Department of Chemical Engineering

Ndejje University Department of Chemical Engineering – check courses offered at the faculty:

The Department of Chemical Engineering has been established within the Faculty of Engineering at Ndejje University and offers the Bachelors of Engineering Degree in Chemical Engineering. Chemical engineering deals with operations such as material handling, mixing, fluid flow and metering, extrusion, coating, heat exchange, filtration, drying, evaporation, distillation, absorption, extraction, ion exchange, combustion, catalysis, and processing in chemical and biochemical reactors. These operations are vital to the commercial success of industries based on the chemical and biochemical reactors and industries based on the chemical and physical transformation of matter. While a chemist or a biologist uses the operations in a laboratory, developing the operations for complex and large scale industrial processes require a complete and quantitative understanding of the chemical engineering principles as well as the scientific principles on which the operations rest.

Because many industries are based on chemical and physical transportation of matter, the chemical engineer is much in demand. He or she may work in the manufacture of inorganic products such as acids, alkalis, ammonia, fertilizers, paint pigments, ceramics, semiconductors and other electronic materials; in the manufacture of organic products such as polymer fibres, films, coatings, textiles, cellulose, paper, dyes, explosives, rubber, rocket propellants, solvents, plastics, agricultural chemicals, pharmaceuticals, coal based fuels, petrochemicals; or in the manufacture of materials such as graphite, calcium carbide, abrasives, of those in wet and dry batteries, fuel cells, and more complex material systems; in the electro planting, metallurgical, and materials processing industries; in food processing; in the fermentation industry for the production of antibiotics, feed supplements, and other biochemical products; or in the field of biotechnology, where applicants range from utilization of the activities of micro-organisms and cultured prosthetic devices and artificial human organs.

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Our vision is to be one of the region’s leading Chemical Engineering Departments in both education and research, and to achieve international recognition in the field of Chemical Engineering. Our mission is to provide excellent instruction and design experiences essential for graduates to enter the practice of Chemical Engineering and pursue lifelong professional development; to provide research opportunities for students that generate, communicate, and apply new knowledge for the betterment of society; to foster a spirit of service and leadership among students and faculty and assist the public in addressing issues concerning using our resources, protecting our environment, and developing our infrastructure.

The uniqueness about all Bachelor of Engineering Programmes offered by Ndejje University is that the first three semesters are similar and therefore, all potential candidates for civil, mechanical, electrical, chemical or geomatic engineering, initially, offer the same courses. They choose an area of speciality at the end of the second semester. This particular approach is in response to the rapidly changing field of engineering where many of the traditional boundaries are disappearing. This means the graduate professional engineer must be equipped to enter a career in which they will see many changes. The graduate engineer must be able to accept the challenges these changes represent, be innovative and, where necessary implement the change understanding the implications for finance and management. They must also possess the versatility to deal with new and unusual problems that will arise during their career as professional engineers. It is these engineering graduates who will provide future leadership in the industrial, research and academic environments. The Ndejje University B.Eng. aims to meet these requirements, by providing a breadth of understanding of engineering principles combined with the study in depth of one branch of the subject. In all its degree program the Faculty of Engineering aims to be innovative in course and curriculum development.

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