Makerere University Environmental Management

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Makerere University Department of Environmental Management

Makerere University Environmental Management – see details below:

The Department of Environmental Management is headed by Prof. James Okot-Okum as the Head (Chair). It is one of the 3 Departments in the School of Forestry, Environmental and Geographical Sciences, Makerere University. The Department offers courses that contribute to the School degree programs in research and training, leading to both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees Programmes

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2 thoughts on “Makerere University Environmental Management

  1. Nuwagaba Leonidas

    I like what the university is doing. I am interested in pursuing a degree in Environmental Management. Will the university be having September intake (2021)

  2. Tesfai Bahrenegash

    Curriculum Vitae (CV)
    1. Personal Statement
    Date of Birth: 01-01-1983
    Address: Kampala, Uganda
    Telephone: +256 751811453

    2. Skills Summary
    2.1 Education
    Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Engineering/Environmental Engineering
    Date of Graduation: July-2010, Hammelmalo Agricultural College

    2.2 Training Courses ( Certificate)
    – Project Planning and Management on June – September 2018 in Kampala
    – Database Management System on June – September 2018 in Kampala
    – Principles of Accounting and Accounting Peachtree January-June 2014 in Eritrea
    – Basic Computer Applications June-August 2001

    3. Work experience
    A. Ammars Company LTD: one (01) year
    • Project Manager 01/10/2020-31/03/2021 @Bor Project, Road Construction in South Sudan.
    • Site Manager 01/04/-30/09/2020 @ Pouluch Dar Petroleum Company, Road Construction in South Sudan.

    B. Canaan Construction Company LTD: Three (03) years.
    • Site Engineer, Yambio Feeder Road Project 01/05/2019-31/03/2020 UNOPS Project in South Sudan.
    • Project Engineer and Coordinator, Kibali Gold Mining Project 01/03/2017-31/05/2018 in DR of Congo
    • Site Engineer, South Sudan in Construction Department 01/01/2015-28/02/2017

    C. Juba Regency Hotel South Sudan: One and half (1.5) years 01/09/2015-28/02/2017 HR.

    D. Eritrea
    • Engineering Department and Infrastructure 01/09/2007-30/09/2014 Gash Barak Region Eritrea.

    4. Languages: Tigrinya and English

    NB. As reference: Part of my Recommendations are documented.
    Tesfai Bahrenegash Ghebru

    Application for Master’s Degree
    (Makerere University)
    1. Personal Information
    Date of Birth: 01-01-1983
    Educational Background: 12+5
    Date of Graduated: July-2010,
    Department: Agricultural Engineering
    Place of Graduated: Hammelmalo Agricultural College
    GPA: 2.66
    Current Address: Kampala, Uganda
    Telephone: +256 751811453
    2. Applied in Makerere University
    2.1 College of Agricultural Science and Environmental Science (CAES)
    I’m applying at Makerere University one of the listed Departments
    1. MSc. In Agricultural Engineering. Or
    2. MSc. In Integrated Watershed Management. Or
    3. MSc. In Soil Science. Or
    4. . In Food Science and Technology. Or
    5. . In Food Safety and Quality Management. Or
    6. Master of Science in Environment and Natural Resources Management. Or
    7. Master of Science in Disaster Risk Management. Or
    8. Master of Land Use and Regional Development planning. Or
    9. Master of Geographical Science. Or
    2.2 College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology (CEDAT)
    1. MSc. In Construction Management. Or
    2. MSc. In GIS and Technology. Or
    3. PGD in Construction Project Management

    Thank you

    Sincerely yours
    Tesfai Bahrenegash


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