Nkumba University School of Education

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Nkumba University School of Education

Nkumba University School of Education – check below:


Be an exemplary centre of academic and professional excellence.


To prepare professionals and other academia in continuing to become more competent in various fields and in the pursuit of further knowledge geared to making education transform society. The school lays out strategies of helping all people to access teacher training courses at all levels of education. The school has trained educationists and administrators across the region.

Structure of the School

The administration of the School of Education comprises the Dean, Head of Department Education, Head of Department for Distance Learning and the Administrative Assistant. Currently, the positions are occupied by the following persons.

Dean School of Education  Dr. Joyce Bukirwa Sessanga
Head of Department Education  Mrs. Esther Namugumya Lugolobi
Head of Department Distance Learning  Mr. Stanley Samuel Ssekamaanya
Administrative Assistant  Ms. Edith Nabireeba Kanara

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The School of Education was started in 1994 at the same time that Nkumba College of Commerce and Advanced Studies was transformed into Nkumba University. It was then called School of Education, Humanities and Sciences. The School has since gained vast and enviable experience in education as well as teacher training, offering unique practical curricular in respect to the Ministry of Education and Sports as well as the community needs. The School of Education trains teachers of all levels at both the main campus and Kampala campus.

The school offers PhD in Education, Masters degrees, Bachelors, Diplomas and certificates as well as several short courses in Education.

The School inclines to a practical outlook tailored with innovative subject combinations in teacher-training as well as giving skills and knowledge to supplement their income after school, and post-graduate programmes for individuals aspiring to become lecturers as well as administrators at universities and other tertiary institutions.

The students in the school of Education affiliate to their Association called School of Education Students’ Association and this helps them to network and practice

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