Nkumba University in Uganda School of Sciences

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Nkumba University in Uganda School of Sciences

Nkumba University in Uganda School of Sciences – check below:

The School of Sciences (SCOS) at Nkumba University is one of the schools among the six schools that presently make up Nkumba University. SCOS aspires for academic excellence by offering relevant scientific knowledge and skills in research, teaching and public service for sustainable development. It is providing academic staff and students with the opportunity to understand the physical and natural world in order to discover answers to the complex problems in the broader areas of life, physical and environmental sciences. SCOS focuses on practical application of sciences in natural resources, in hospitality industry and also in applied sciences, hence offering enormous opportunities in developing a work force with a strong science foundation.

Beginning of the school
Nkumba University was established in 1994. It was originally conducting lectures in business related fields. In the same year the School of Hotel Management and Tourism (SHMT) came into existence. It was offering courses in hotel, catering and tourism, at undergraduate level.

In the year 2002, the school name was then changed to School of Hospitality and Environmental Science (SHES), to accommodate by then, the newly expanded academic programmes in environmental sciences. The programmes were started to be offered at PhD, masters, degree and certificates levels.

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In the year 2009, the school name was again changed to its current name, School of Sciences (SCOS). This was justified by the expansion of more academic programmes of applied sciences in nature (such as Applied biological sciences, and Financial Engineering).

Philosophy, Vision and Mission of School of Sciences
Philosophy of SCOS
To Provide Students with a Learning and Recreational Environment that Enables Inculcation of Confidence, Competence, Creativity and Character, all of which are essential for an individuals’ success and self-fulfillment in the society.
To Impart Scientific Knowledge to Students and also get involved in Research activities and Publications to enhance the image of Nkumba University as a Centre of Academic and Professional Excellence at Regional and Global spheres.
To offer relevant Knowledge and Skills in Scientific Fields for Sustainable Development.
Development of the school
The school that began with two programmes in Hotel and Tourism Operations, has progressively grown. It now boosts of accommodating three departments and one Institute. The departments include Hospitality, Natural Resources and Applied Sciences.

Institute of Nursing and Midwifery was established in the year 2018, and it is currently housed in SCOS. Such development has been possible due to the presence of a big and expansive space in the SCOS building. The School has highly qualified and motivated staff both teaching and non-teaching. The school has a total of 49 Academic Staff. The school which started with ten (10) students, numbers have progressively increased to over five hundred (500) students distributed in all programmes at SCOS. The school has for the past 25 years passed 1818 graduates.

Structure of the school
The school comprises of three departments and One Institute; namely:

Department of Hospitality
Department of Natural Resources Management
Department of Applied Sciences
Institute of Nursing and Midwifery
All the above are coordinated by the office of the Dean of school.

Office of the Dean
The office of the Dean is assisted by three Heads of Department and a Principal Tutor. The office coordinates the academic and research programmes of SCOS. They are supported by the Administrative Secretary and the Office Assistant.

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