Ndejje University Uganda Faculty of Arts

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Ndejje University Uganda Faculty of Arts

Ndejje University Uganda Faculty of Arts – see faculty courses offered:

Arts Faculty evolved from the Faculty of Education which is the founding faculty of Ndejje University. Committed to learning as a collaborative process, the faculty nurtures excellence in the visual arts, economics, library & information, among others and provides a world-leading research environment for the arts.

The Faculty provides a culture of international excellence in research, teaching and learning, and has an ever growing students’ population studying a range of undergraduate courses.


Degree Programmes

Bachelor of Economics
Bachelor of Microfinance
Bachelor of Design & Ceramics
Bachelor of Industrial Art & Design
Bachelor of Economics & Trade Policy
Bachelor of Library & Information Science
Bachelor of Entrepreneurship & Management
Bachelor of Organisational and Management Science
Bachelor of Science in Economics & Finance
Bachelor of Arts in Gender and Development
Bachelor of Creative & Performing Arts (New)

See Also: Ndejje University Faculty Of Business Administration and Management


At least five (5) passes at “O” level (UCE) or its equivalent and two relevant principle passes at “A” level (UACE) obtained at the same sitting or its equivalent. A post “O” level diploma or certificate with at least two years relevant experience in the desired field.

Diploma Programmes

Diploma in Library & Information Science
Diploma in Commercial Art & Design
Diploma in Microfinance
Diploma in Entrepreneurship & Management


For a Diploma: at least five (5) passes at “O” level (UCE) or its equivalent and one relevant principle and two subsidiary passes obtained at the same sitting at “A” level (UACE) or its equivalent or a post “O” level diploma / certificate.

Certificate Programme

Certificate in Library & Information Science


For Certificate at least three (3) subsidiary passes obtained at A level or C+ at S.4 in the 8-4-4 education system.

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