Ndejje University Contacts Address and Location

Ndejje University Contacts Address and Location

Ndejje University Contacts Address and Location – see details below:

Primary Address

Ndejje University
P.O.Box 7088 Kampala, Uganda

Administrative contacts

Vice Chancellor
Tel: +256-392-730324
Email: vc@ndejjeuniversity.ac.ug

Deputy Vice Chancellor
Tel: +256-392-730322
Email: dvc@ndejjeuniversity.ac.ug

University Secretary
Tel: +256-392-730325
Email: us@ndejjeuniversity.ac.ug

Deputy University Secretary
Tel: +256- 414 – 663680
Email: dus@ndejjeuniversity.ac.ug

Academic Registar
Tel: +256-392-730321
Email: registrar@ndejjeuniversity.ac.ug

Deputy Academic Registar
Tel: +256-414-693126
Email: registrar@ndejjeuniversity.ac.ug

University Bursar
Tel: +256-392-730323
Email: bursar@ndejjeuniversity.ac.ug

Dean of Students
Tel: +256-414-693128
Email: dos@ndejjeuniversity.ac.ug


Academic Contacts

Graduate School
Tel: +256-414-663680
Email: gs@ndejjeuniversity.ac.ug

Directorate of Research
Tel: +256-414-693127
Email: research@ndejjeuniversity.ac.ug

Faculty of Basic and Social Sciences
Tel: +256-414-695317
Email: deanss@ndejjeuniversity.ac.ug

Faculty of Sciences and Information Technology
Tel: +256-414-695315
Email: deanit@ndejjeuniversity.ac.ug

Faculty of Business Administration
Tel: +256-414-693123
Email: badean@ndejjeuniversity.ac.ug

Faculty of Engineering
Tel: +256-414-695318
Email: deaneng@ndejjeuniversity.ac.ug

Faculty of Education
Tel: +256-414-660181
Email: deaneduc@ndejjeuniversity.ac.ug

Faculty of Environment & Agricultural Sciences
Tel: +256-
Email: deanagric@ndejjeuniversity.ac.ug

Faculty of Arts
Tel: +256-
Email: deanarts@ndejjeuniversity.ac.ug


Media and Communication

Public Relations Office
Tel: +256-
Email: pro@ndejjeuniversity.ac.ug


University Services

University Library
Tel: +256-392-730327
Email: library@ndejjeuniversity.ac.ug

University ICT
Tel: +256-414-696342 or +256-392-730326
Email: ict@ndejjeuniversity.ac.ug

Health Centre
Tel: +256-414-660182
Email: hc@ndejjeuniversity.ac.ug

Sports & Recreation
Tel: +256-414-697444
Email: sports@ndejjeuniversity.ac.ug

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