Bishop Stuart University Faculty of Law Courses

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Bishop Stuart University Faculty of Law Courses

Bishop Stuart University Faculty of Law Courses – see the list of courses offered at the faculty of law:

A Word from the Dean!
Today, many societal values are being emasculated as a result of globalization and attendant
global changes in our societies. Bearing this in mind, it is imperative that the legal education
offering be designed with an ethos to reflect the foregoing changes and challenges.

At the Faculty of Law, Bishop Stuart University, courses are taught in a robust Christian environment fostered on the University Motto “Our God reigns” for them to be properly equipped in their prospective career pursuits after completion of their studies.

Our qualifying LLB Degree Programme is designed with an element of instilling requisite knowledge and skills into our students which are highly sought after by employers in both the public and private sector. Our students benefit from small classes where there is personalized assistance and a one to one interaction with lecturers and tutors. The students’ composition at Bishop Stuart University reflects the diversity of cultures in which they come, providing an added advantage to share varied enriching experiences.

It is easy for our students to interact with the rest of the world via virtual learning platforms and online LLM distance Programmes (which will soon be introduced in areas of Financial and Commercial Law, International Law, International Intellectual Property law, World Trade Law and Policy, International Banking Law, International Trade Law, Environmental Law, Human Rights and many more). As can be inferred the Faculty of Law at Bishop Stuart University has already positioned itself as a premier provider of legal education to prepare students to tap opportunities in national, regional and international markets in East Africa and beyond.

The Faculty of Law officially launched its LLB Programme in the fall of 2014 and within this short space of time, it has made significant strides in the legal education offering in Uganda. In its first graduation in 2018, the Faculty of Law graduated 18 law graduates, of these, 6 students were admitted at the Law Development Centre (LDC) to train as Advocates of High Court while the rest went on to pursue Masters (LLM Degree) Programmes in other academic institutions in Uganda.

The Faculty of Law also offers a 2-year Diploma and short course certificates for students who may want to acquire desired skills and for those who may want to bridge the knowledge gap as they transition into university education. Some of our short courses are cross-cutting in character and can be offered across faculties. Specifically, our short courses are designed to plug a skills gap in areas of anti-money laundering regulation and compliance for banks and other businesses, International trade law, importing and exporting of goods, Employment Law (for employers and employees), Administrative Officers Law and tailored courses for supervisors of students writing dissertations and research projects. These short courses help trainees to plug a knowledge gap and gain a skill set to enable them to operate effectively in the workplace.

As the Dean of the Faculty of Law at Bishop Stuart University, building on the accomplishments of my predecessors such as Professor George Kasozi, staff (both lectures and administrative support staff) and relevant offices, I will endeavor to steer this Faculty to greater heights—I know God is willing because he created me to operate at a high level and not anything to the contrary. It is also perhaps worth mentioning that the Faculty of Law is in progressive stages of introducing a Masters of Laws (LLM) Degree in areas such as International Business Law, Environmental Law, Human Rights, and Development and many more.

As regards my professional experience, I have previously taught law in many Universities in United Kingdom; and since 2017, I have taught at Uganda Christian University Mukono, Kampala Campus, and Kampala International University in Uganda. I have also served as the chairperson of the Research Committee and as an Editorial Board member of the Journal of Anti-Corruption Law (JACL), the University of Western Cape in South Africa and as the guest Editor for many Journals. As a researcher, I have overseen projects and advised businesses on diverse matters of law and policy such as anti-money laundering regulation and compliance for banks, advised and trained commercial firms, Charities, and NGOs on the pitfalls to avoid. I trust that with the goodwill of staff and relevant offices at Bishop Stuart University, the sky will be the limit!


– To produce law graduates with a strong capacity to take up positions of legal practitioners, judicial officers, legislators, policymakers, administrators, academicians and other actors in the public and private sector in Uganda and beyond.

– To Produce God-fearing law graduates who understand the social, economic, moral, political and cultural values in which law is evolved and in which it operates. (This is premised on the Christian world view).

– To produce law graduates with a sound understanding of the law and its relevance to Society.

Associate Professor, Dr. Norman Mugarura LLB (Hons), LLM (International Legal Studies),UEL, LLM (Banking & Finance) CCLS (QMUL) M.Phil (SOAS), (Ph.D.) UEL Dean Faculty of Law at Bishop Stuart University, Mbarara.


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