Uganda Prisons Cadet Shortlisted Candidates 2023

Uganda Prisons Service Cadet Recruitment Shortlisted Candidates 2023-2024

Uganda Prisons Cadet Shortlisted Candidates | Uganda Prisons Service has released the 2023-2024 Shortlist. See the list below…

This guide will help you know if Uganda Prisons Service Shortlisted Candidates is out or not. You’ll instantly get the proper guide on how to verify if your name is on the list or not.

Note:  Uganda Prisons Service do release names of every Ugandan who filled their job application form. So if you are one of the many Ugandans, then chances are that your name will likely be on the shortlisted candidates name.

If you search online now, you’ll agree with us that there’s a whole lot of news update regarding when Uganda Prisons Service 2023-2024 shortlisted candidates will start receiving invitation mail.

Congratulations to all applicants who qualified to join the profession. They will now undergo on extensive process of molding them from civilians into professionals and dedicated officers.

The successful candidates must note that they are joining a career that demands a high level of personal integrity and responsibility.

How to Check 2023 – 2023 UPS Cadet Recruitment Shortlisted Candidates

Following the advertisement that ran in the media and interviews which were conducted at the Prisons Regional headquarters on the announced date, the following candidates have been Selected to join the Uganda Prisons service as recruit warders / wardresses.


Please, Note that the Deadline for reporting will be announced soon. Any Person who will not have reported by this date will not be admitted.

The list of requirements hereby attached.

Dr. Benon M. Mutambi

Permanent Secretary/Secretary Prisons Authority



1. At most 3 inches Mattress of 3 x 6 size
2. 10 m of black kavera or camping tent
3. Bedding (bed sheets, blankets, mosquito nets)
4. Two reams of photocopying papers (rotatrim)
5. 15 counter books
6. A hoe (cock brand) with a handle
7. A slasher
8. A scrubbing brush with a long handle
9. A rubber squeezer
10. Two hard brooms
11. Two cartons of toilet paper (48 rolls each carton)
12. A pair of black gumboots
13. At least two pairs of khaki trousers
14. At least two white T-shirts
15. At least one pair of truck suit (physical education attire)
16. One pair of canvas shoes
17. Cutlery (spoon, fork, plate, cup)
18. A 20 litres jerycan
19. A basin/ bucket
20. Personal effects (e.g towel, soap ,tooth paste, tooth brushes, etc)
21. Original National ID Card
22. Original Copies of Academic Documents


1 These requirements can also be bought from the canteen AT the Prisons Academy and Training School to reduce inconvenience of carrying them.
2 Avoid unnecessarily bulky luggage, every trainee will be admitted with strictly one suit case.
3 Not more that 7 pairs of non-training attires (clothes) shall be allowed.

It is the believe that all rewards come from effort and you can expect this to be an intense and demanding period of your life. You will need to form very strong bonds and teamwork, which will stay with you all your lives.

While at the academy, you will also receive plenty of support from your lecturers, trainers and fellow trainees. All trainees will be accommodated at the school, which also provides cultural and religious considerations, and well served meals.

Once again we would like to congratulate all the trainees, and expect to meet you on graduation day, celebrating your achievement with your family.

For more information regarding Recruitment, contact UPS at the address below:


The Uganda Prisons Service
Plot 13/15 Parliament Avenue
P.O.Box 7182 Kampala
Tel(1): 256414342136
Tel(2): 256414256751
Fax(1): 256414343330
Fax(2): 256414344014



The news about Uganda Prisons Service Shortlisted Candidates 2023 for recruitment is what we’ve covered now.

This is to inform all candidates that applied for Uganda Prisons Service 2023 Recruitment that physical Screening/Verification exercise for 2023 recruitment is not yet fixed.

So if you want updates whenever Uganda Prisons Service releases your state’s list’s of shortlisted successful candidates, then drop your contact or email address on below comment box so we can notify you immediately. Thank you


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