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Uganda Pentecostal University Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Uganda Pentecostal University Arts and Social Sciences – Courses Offered:

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences


→ The Grotius School of Development Studies

Development Studies is a professional inter-disciplinary programme, whose core concepts can also be taught to students pursuing other courses. Its concept of development is multi-dimensional, as it covers the complex totality of social, political, economic and physical development. As a professional course, it is important to have a component of Field Attachment and Internship to enhance student’s knowledge of development theory with practical skills. It is also recommended to have some degree of specialization into the different aspects/sectors of Development, depending on the interests or objectives of a University. Courses offered include:
1 The Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies, a 3 year programme.
2 Diploma in Development Studies, a 2 year programme.

→ The Grotius School of Social Sciences

The Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences is a three year programme. It consists of seven subjects namely; Political Science, Social Administration, Sociology, Economics, psychology, philosophy and Gender and Development. Students may also take courses from other relevant Faculties/Land Institutes such as Faculty of Arts, Institute of Economics and Psychology.

First year students will take any three subjects and two courses from each subject per semester, i.e. 12 courses in the first year. First year courses are all core. Second and Third Years Students shall be required to offer a major and a minor subject in the second and third year of their studies. The major subject shall constitute at least two Core and two Elective Courses per semester of a student’s programme or an equivalent of 16 credit units. A minor subject shall constitute at least two courses per semester, comprising of one Core Course and one Elective, equivalent to eight Credit Units.

Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration (BPA), Duration: 3 years

Public Administration is a multi-disciplinary field concerned with the management of public affairs at whatever level. In its endeavor, the discipline borrows from other disciplines like law, political science, sociology, economics etc. Public Administration is essentially concerned with the public service. It focuses on the performance of government in formulating and implementing public policies, the skills required to manage the civil service, and the ethics and values which should guide the conduct of public affairs at all levels.

Bachelor of Social Work and Social Administration (BSWASA), Duration: 3 years

For over the past two decades, the Government of Uganda has been making serious endeavours to pursue programs and policies meant to launch the country to a higher level of socio-economic development. Although there is some progression prepared in this aspect, more needs to be done.

Programs geared towards reduction of factors that precipitate and reinforce high levels of social development need to be boosted with a created capacity for the country to have well a trained population, who can identify development concerns and issues, mobilize the communities and work with/facilitate them in the planning and implementation of the development programs at national, district and local levels. There is a critical need to bolster the Government strategies and programs, such as poverty eradication, education, gender, primary health care, to mention many with suitable capabilities and competences in human and other resources.

Diploma in Public Administration (DPA), Duration: 2 years

This Diploma is designed to give students and current public service employees a strong foundation in the nature and working of Ugandan government and public administration while also providing them with the opportunity to study, learn and become knowledgeable and conversant with the latest theories and practices respecting Ugandan public sector management.

This program will enable students to broaden and deepen their knowledge of government and public administration while also providing them with an opportunity to develop awareness and expertise specifically in the “techniques and practices” of public sector management, organizational theory, administrative law, policy development, public sector leadership and the management of organizational change.


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