Uganda Martyrs University Faculty of the Built Environment

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Uganda Martyrs University Faculty of the Built Environment

Uganda Martyrs University Faculty of the Built Environment – Check below;

About the Faculty.

The Faculty of the Built Environment is a multidisciplinary faculty that offers programmes and courses in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Environmental Design and Building Technology, with an emphasis on environmental sustainable design (ESD).  A key goal is to educate responsible professionals who can contribute to the cultural and socio-economic development and change in East Africa and the global community through participation in design, construction and interpretation of built environments.

The Faculty recognises that in a continuously changing world, professional experience and research are important contributors to achieve its mission.  Academic faculty are therefore accomplished in their respective fields, achieved through research, experience and collaboration, all contributing to teaching and scholarship in the Faculty.  Further, to enrich the research and learning environment, the Faculty seeks to recruit staff with teaching and research experience from across the world.

Our multidisciplinary curriculum is designed to foster critical and creative thinking, to enable students and graduates to engage with the environmental, social, and aesthetic challenges of the contemporary milieu. Most courses in the Faculty are taught through a problem-based integrated teaching approach, that integrates design with the techniques and practices of construction, structures, materials and building services, all within a theoretical and historical context, keeping in mind human needs (social, physiological and cultural).

In 2011, the architecture programme in the Faculty, comprising the Bachelor of Environmental Design (Honours) – Part I; and the Master of Architecture (Professional) – Part II, were evaluated by the Commonwealth Association of Architects (CAA) and were subsequently validated and added to the CAA list of Qualifications in Architecture Recommended for Recognition.  The next validation visit is scheduled for 2017.

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