Soroti University Fees Payment Procedure

Soroti University Fees Payment Procedure

Soroti University Fees Payment – Read details below:

If you want to Pay fees in the bank, you need to generate a Payment Ref Number. In order to do that, follow the steps bellow:

  1. Click on Finance, then My Invoices. This will bring an invoice of how much you are to pay that semester
  2. Tick the invoice
  3. Click on Pay Invoice. Verify the generated invoice to see whether it’s what you expect
  4. After verifying the fees displayed, click on Get a Payment REF to generate a reference number for the selected Invoices and new window will pop up for you to choose one option that you want.
      1. 1 If you want to pay all the pending invoices, choose I would like to pay all my pending invoices
      2. 2 If you want to pay part of the invoice, choose I only want to pay part of my pending invoices
      3. 3 If you want to keep money on your student account for Future Use, choose I would to deposit on my account for future invoices
  5. Type in the amount of money that you wish to pay (excluding Bank Charges)
  6. Click add. This will show the invoice number indicating what you attend to pay in the top right corner
  7. Click on Continue in the bottom. This will bring a pop up prompting you to generate a ref number. Click on Get Ref
  8. Finally, a payment number is generated indicating the amount you intend to pay. Write down the Payment reference number and you will present it at the counter in the bank. The payment number will appear on a pay slip that you can even print out if you want *

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