Mbarara University Faculty of Medicine Courses

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Mbarara University Faculty of Medicine Courses

Mbarara University Faculty of Medicine Courses | Check the list of programs offered at the Faculty of Medicine…


About Postgraduate programmes

The faculty successful implemented the semester system with all the under graduate programs in line with National Council for higher education, all post graduate programs have also been semesterised.

Besides the Undergraduate and Diploma courses, the Faculty introduced  postgraduate courses in all disciplines at Masters and PHD level as a way of not only building own capacity but also increasing specialization in different disciplines to meet the national demand for consultants in different fields.

postgraduate Programmes


Master of Medicine in Surgery
Master of Medicine in Internal Medicine
Master of Medicine in Obstetrics & Gynecology
Master of Medicine in Paediatrics & Child Health
Master of Medicine in Pathology
Master of Medicine in Radiology
Master of Medicine in Ophthalmology
Masters of Medicine in Anesthesia
Masters of Medicine in Plastic & reconstruction Surgery
Masters of Medicine in Family Medicine
Masters of Medicine in Dermatology
Masters of Medicine in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)
Masters of Medicine in Psychiatry

Master of Science in Anatomy
Master of Science in Physiology
Master of Science in Medical Laboratory Science
Master of Science in Biochemistry
Master of Nursing Science
Master of Science in Pharmacology
Master of Science in Microbiology
D)PhD Training

PhD Program is offered in all the programmes


The Faculty since inception in 1989 has grown in terms of programmes offered and subsequently students’ numbers at undergraduate, post graduate and diploma levels. Realizing a need for a holistic health care and mindful of shortage of health specialties required to provide a comprehensive health care package, the Faculty of Medicine in addition to medicine introduced the following other undergraduate programmes.


Undergraduate and Diploma programs

Bachelors of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery(MBchB)
Bachelors of Nursing Science(Direct & Completion)
Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science(Direct & Completion)
Bachelors of Medical Laboratory Science(Offered at Mulago Campus- MMLC)
Bachelors of Pharmacy
Bachelors of Science in Physiotherapy
Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Diploma in HIV Prevention, Management and care hosted by Mild may
Diploma in Counseling

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