Makerere University Political Science Courses

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Makerere University Political Science and Public Administration Courses

Makerere University Political Science Courses – Check the list of postgraduate and undergraduate courses offered at the school…

Postgraduate Program

  • MA Public Administration and Management

Applicants to both courses are required to possess an honours degrees in Social Sciences or in a related field or its equivalent, plus at least two years’ experience in the field of social services institutions, including medical, educational and vocational institutions.

  • Master of Arts Social Sector Planning and Managment

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    1. This programme is offered by the Department of Political Science and Public Administration.


      The programme is intended to offer opportunity for comprehensive training for persons wishing to pursue academic careers and for those who need advanced graduate study as well as practitioners in related fields.  The thrust of the programme is to equip students with tools of analysis and research, as well as to re-tool practitioners in the related fields.

      The programme aims first to provide students with the basic grounding in the theory and approaches in international relations. Secondly, to enable students gain a more detailed knowledge of those aspects of International Relations in which they wish to specialise and thirdly, to emphasise the development of critical thinking and research skills necessary to understand the problems confronting the developing countries and other parts of the world and where possible, to offer alternative solutions. And fourtLHy, to enable students integrate theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

      Admission Requirements

      The programme intake per year is twenty-five (25) privately sponsored students.  Applicants should have an Honours Degree in Social Sciences or a related field, or its equivalent from a recognized University; and, practical experience in diplomacy and related fields.
      Duration and Nature of Degree

      The duration of the programme is two years or four semesters. The programme of study is by course-work and dissertation.  Teaching is done through lectures and seminars. Assessment is by seminar papers, essays, research papers, examination and a dissertation.

    • Applicants should have obtained a good Honours degree in Sociology and Social Sciences, or its equivalent from any recognized university. Applicants with relevant qualifications from related disciplines in the humanities and sciences, including those with a background in health, and applicants practising in related fields who possess demonstrated research or management experience of at least two years, will also be considered.
  • PH.D DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY (PH.D) DEGREESAdmission RequirementsThe following shall be eligible for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the School of social sciences.
  • Any Master of Arts of the University of not less than two years’standing.
  • A Bachelor of Arts of the University of not less than threeyears’ standing whom the Senate has specially exemptedfrom the Master’s examinations.
  • A graduate of any other recognised University who has beenadmitted to the status of Master of Arts in the university,and who has held the qualification by virtue of which suchadmission has been granted for not less than two years;or who has been admitted to the status of bachelor of Artsin the University and has held the qualification by virtueof which such admission has been specially granted fornot less than three years and has been specially exemptedby the Senate from the Master’s examination. Makerere University Political Science Courses

Ph.D courses are currently by research only.  However, a student may be required to undertake certain courses to fill knowledge gaps.  The Faculty in its Five-Year Strategic Plan (2001-2005) is planning to offer taught Ph.Ds, through which the candidate  will be required to pass written comprehensive examination before embarking on field research and thesis writing.

Application Procedure

Applicants should pick, fill in and return forms to the School of Postgraduate Studies (Floor 4 Senate House) together with either a research proposal or a synopsis of the intended study. Applicants who submit fully developed proposals may be fully admitted right away, while those with a synopsis may be offered provisional admission and one year in which to develop a proposal.  The applicant may be fully admitted after submitting the proposal.

Fees Payable: Same as for the Masters degrees

For further information, please contact:
The Director, School of Postgraduate Studies,
Makerere University, P. O. Box 7062 KAMPALA,
Telephone: +256 414 530983
The Head of Department under which your special interest/training falls.

Undergraduate Programs

BACHELOR OF SOCIAL WORK AND SOCIAL ADMINISTRATIONTo be admitted to an Undergraduate programme, a candidate is required to satisfy the general University requirements for admissions to a degree programme and the special requirement for entrance to social work profession, as follows:

Direct Entry
For admission under the Direct Entry Scheme, a candidate must have:- The Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) (or its equivalent), and
– At least two ‘A’ level principal passes obtained at the same sitting of the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education Examination (UACE) (or its equivalent). Qualifications for Direct Entry will be based on performance in the following subjects classified as follows:
  1. Essential: Economics
  2. Relevant: Geography, Literature in English and History
  3. Desirable: Sub-Mathematics, General paper
  4. Others: All others

Mature Age Entry

For admission under the Mature age Entry scheme, a candidate must pass the Mature Age Entry Examination of Makerere University in those subjects relevant to the professional degree course of B(SWSA).

Diploma Holders

Candidates with Diplomas in Social Development Studies (including Education, Human Resource Management, Business Studies, and Paramedicals), or equivalent, from recognised institutions of higher learning are eligible for admission to a B(SWSA) provided :

  • They have an A-Level Certificate.

  • They have obtained a diploma award (at least Second Class)



The curriculum for the BA(SS) Programme consists of six subjects namely; Economics, Political Sciences and Public Administration, Psychology, Social Administration, Sociology and Gender and Development. Students may also take courses from other relevant Departments and Faculties. Most of these courses are based in the Faculty of Arts.

First Year of Studies

First year students will take any three subjects and two courses from each subject per semester, i.e. 12 courses in the first year. First year subjects are all core courses.

Second and Third Years

Students shall be required to offer a major and a minor subject in the second and third year of their studies. The major subject shall constitute at least two core and two elective courses per semester of a student’s programme or an equivalent of 16 credit units. A minor subject shall constitute at least two courses per semester, comprising of one core course and one elective, equivalent to eight credit units.

Contact Hours

One contact hour is equivalent to one hour of lectures or one hour of tutorials or two hours of practicals/field work. Three (3) lecture hours will be given per week per course and one (1) tutorial hour per course per week giving a total of four contact hours per course per week. A total of 60 contact hours comprising 45 lecture hours and 15 tutorial hours per course per semester will be given as in Table 3.


This programme is administered using a course unit system. A course unit is defined as one contact hour per semester.

Credit Hours

The credit hours are equal to the number of courses offered in each semester, times the course units, per course. It measures the course load per week. Students are expected to have 24 credit hours in each semester in the first year and 24 credit hours in each of the subsequent semesters. A typical Social Sciences student must have a minimum of 144 credit hours and CGPA of 2.0 for the whole course in order to graduate (See Table 3 below). However, students combining a Social Science with an Arts subject may graduate with fewer or more credit hours in light of the Arts Faculty Curriculum.

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