Makerere University DRGT Applications 2022-2023

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Makerere University DRGT Applications 2022-2023

Makerere University DRGT Applications | Read details below on how to apply…


1 General Application Procedure

Applicants should seek admission to graduate programs that can assist them to develop their abilities, interests, and skills and can effectively place them in appropriate occupational or educational situations.

Application forms may be obtained from the School of Graduate Studies after payment of an application fee at the stipulated bank (s). Foreign applicants can apply online at the web site [Insert URL]

2 When to apply

Unless otherwise stated, University prospects start submitting applications by December and ending on 31st March each academic year. It may be extended up to 30th April of each academic year.

However, applications for Doctor of Philosophy/Doctoral degrees are made and received throughout the year with the exception of Doctoral degree programmes by course work and research. Admissions for the later category shall be processed two months before the beginning of each semester. Applicants within this category of degree must attach two copies of a synopsis of 3-5 pages to the application for vetting and approval before they can qualify for provisional admission of up to one year. Makerere University DRGT Applications

3 Method of Submission of Application

Relevant copies of certificates and certified copies of academic transcripts and three reference letters (at least two from academic referees) must accompany all completed application forms.

Forms which are not completed properly cause delays in the processing of applications and may be rejected. Transcripts and other academic documents that are not in English must be translated by the Institute of Languages or an authorized body before submission of applications and attachments.

4 Guidelines for Transfer of Credit Units or transfer from other institutions

Guidelines for the transfer of Credit Units for Graduate Students who apply to transfer from other recognized Universities or equivalent Institute of Higher Learning to Makerere University comprise the following requirements


  1. Must satisfy the admission requirement for the academic program(s) applied for.
  2. Must obtain and submit official academic Transcript (s) Certificate from a recognized University/institution of Higher learning in which he/she was previously enrolled indicating his/her academic status, the courses offered/taken, the credit units completed and the grades obtained in each course.
  3. You Must have obtained the equivalent of Cumulative Grade Point Average of at least 3.0.
  4. Will be permitted to transfer to Makerere University Credits earned but the maximum of Credits should not exceed 60% of the minimum graduation load of the academic programme applied for.
  5. If permitted to transfer she/he should not be allowed to transfer the equivalent of credit units in a course in which she/he obtained a Grade point which was lower than 3.0
  6. Application must be accompanied by recommendations from the Institution or Authority she/he is transferring from. Makerere University DRGT Applications

5 Fees and Other Requirements

Before applying, the applicant is advised to make sure that there is adequate financial support to cover fees and other requirements. The fees structures prescribed in admission letters do not cover research and accommodation expenses.
Functional Fees (Excluding Tuition)

Table 1. The Current University Functional Fees

Type of fee (Ugandan Students rate), (International Students rate)

1. Application Fee 50,000/= 151,500/=
2. Late Application Fee 60,000/= 161,500/=
3. Registration Fee 120,000/= p.a. 202,000/= p.a.
4. Late Registration 50,000/= p.a. 101,100/= p.a.
5. Administration Fee 200,000/= p.a. 484,800/= p.a.
6. Examinations (Diploma and Masters) Fee 200,000/= p.a. 707,000/= p.a.
7. Examinations (PhD) Fee 300,000/= p.a. 1,010,000/= p.a.
8. Re-examination (per course) 20,000/= p.a. 30,300/= p.a.
9. Library Fee 20,000/= p.a. 40,400/= p.a.
10. Transcript Fee 20,000/= @ 101,000/= @
11. Graduation Fee 30,000/= 202,000/=
12. Certificate Fee 20,000/= @ 101,000/= @
13. Academic Document Certification 3,000/= @ 101,000/= @
14. Change of Programme/Course (Per copy) 5,000/= 20,200/=
15. Identity Card 15,000/= p.a. 40,400=/ p.a.
16.  Technology Fee 80,000/= p.a. 161,600/=p.a.
17.  Verification Fee 50,000/= 101,000/=
18. Convocation Fee 10,000/= 101,000/=
19. National Council for Higher Education(NHCE) 20,000/= 20,000/=

Note the following:

  • University fees are subject to change/variation from time to time, duly determined by The Council.
  • Application fees are paid at the time of collection of application forms or before submission of applications to the SGS.
  • University fees (i.e. Registration, Administration, Library, Examination and Tuition Identity Card) MUST be paid to the University before registration. Graduation, Certificate, Convocation and Academic Transcript fees are paid on completion of the Programme.
  • Payment of fees may be made in Lump Sum on arrival or in instalments (per Semester).
  • University fees MUST be paid in the stipulated Banks: (or by Bank Draft to Makerere University Council).
  • Non-Ugandans MUST pay fees in US Dollars or its equivalent in Uganda shillings based on the rates prescribed by Council. Makerere University DRGT Applications
  • Other requirements such as books, stationery, accommodation, food, research expenses, etc. are paid directly to the student.
  • The research funds are paid to the student at the beginning of an approved Research Project. The costs for research are very variable depending on the specific field of study, design and questions under investigation. Students are therefore cautioned to take the ranges provided below as a guide.

6 Scholastic Material Costs

The funds required by a student for the items listed below will be provided by the sponsors of the students.

Item PhD Masters

  1. Books – coursework and research 3,000,000/= 3,000,000/=
  2. Equipment –
    • a) Science
    • b) Humanities
    • a) 10,000,000 -15,000,000/=
    • b) 10,000,000/=
    • a) 10,000,000/=
    • b) 5,000,000/=
  3. Stationery & materials 1,000,000/= 1,000,000/=
  4. Feeding and accommodation 600,000/= 600,000/=
  5. Travel (transport) Variable and Site dependant Variable and Site dependant
  6. Research Assistant 250,000 – 300,000/= per month 250,000 – 300,000/= per month
  7. Library fees 500,000/= 500,000/=

Note that these fees are subject to revision by Council.

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