Makerere University Department of Physics

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Makerere University Department of Physics

Makerere University Department of Physics – Read details below:

The Physics Department offers Courses in Physics leading to award of  BSc, MSc and PhD. There is a wide range of courses at both the Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels. To keep in step with new advances in physics, there are new course units designed as electives. There are also several areas of research in which members of staff are engaged.

Physics (in its various forms) is one of the oldest disciplines studied in University around the world. Physics is also the most widely applied discipline in the modern world with applications ranging from Engineering, Medicine, Industry, Commerce, Electronics, Automobile, Archaeology, to mention but a few. Physics, as you will find, cannot be classified in the traditional scheme as an ‘Arts’ or ‘Science’ subject because it is a tool and also a descriptive language applicable to a variety of situation. This interdisciplinary character of Physics opens up enormous opportunities for Physics students to enjoy a rich, varied, and stimulating career during and after their formal university studies. We are proud of the fact that our graduates are found in all walks of life ranging from teaching, research, telecommunications, computing, banking, commerce, industry, agriculture, medical support work, statistical work, management and politics.

Our Vision:
To be the leader in the region in the training of Physicists.

Our Mission:
To produce high quality graduates who will easily find employment in industry, who will be competent enough for postgraduate studies in physics and related science fields, who will be good physics educators and who are innovative enough to solve physics related problems in their communities. In addition, the Department is to carry out high quality research involving societies’ physics related problems and to provide the best consultancy services.

The Physics programme is offered either as a Major or a Minor. A major constitutes of not less than two-thirds of the programme load, while a minor constitutes of not more than one-thirds of the programme load.

Some students taking Physics Minor would be taking Education with Mathematics as their Major and are potential Secondary school teachers. In order to fit these courses into available time, some courses offered to Physics majors in the second year will be taken in the third year by Physics Minors.

The Department of Physics offers courses in Physics leading to the award of BSc, MSc, and PhD. The undergraduate courses are arranged such that a student may take Physics as major or mint Department teaches Physics to students from the School of Education, the School of Librarianship Information Science and any other faculty which may wish to take some courses in Physics.

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