Kumi University Historical Background

Kumi University Historical Background

Kumi University Historical Background – brief history:

Kumi University was founded by Korean Missionary couple Hyeong Lyeol Lyu and Mrs. Minja Lee in 1999. It developed from Africa Leaders’ Training Institute (ALTI), which was established in 1996 to meet the demands of the local community.

The University was founded with this aim:  To provide quality, affordable, community tailored, Christian based higher education.

The Kumi University Foundation was approved by Uganda Government in 2004 with document No. 66491. The University then acquired the operational License the same year with National Council For Higher Education NCHE (UI..PL..002 NCHE). Kumi University is established in the scenic country side of TESO’s spectacular inselbergs, next to the famous Old Stone Age Site Nyero Rock Paintings in Kumi District in the Eastern part of Uganda.

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The University is in the advanced stages of acquiring the civil charter from the government of Uganda. Once this process is complete, the University will open its gates for higher degree programmes. Currently, the University runs three major study schedules for undergraduate programmes: External for in-service teachers, Week end for busy and/or employed executives, and Full time for direct entrants (O and A) level leavers.

Founded on the Christian Virtues and Values, Kumi University is the perfect answer to your and/or your sons/daughters academic and ethical growth as the values and virtues are part of our integral teaching and learning.

The University gradually grew as below;

  • 1996. 10. African Leaders Training Institute (ALTI) Open
  • 1998. 9. Establish Sisterhood Relationship with Jeonju University
  • 1999. 8. Change over to University Courses
  • 2001. 8. The 1st Vice Chancellor Dr. Wangkusa
  • 2004. 5. Establish Sisterhood Relationship with Hannam University
  • 2005. 3. The 1st Graduation Ceremony
  • 2005. 9. The 2nd Graduation Ceremony
  • 2006. 5. The 2nd Vice Chancellor Dr. Sangcheol Lee Establish Sisterhood Relationship with Sunlin University
  • 2006. 9. Establish Sisterhood Relationship with Kosin University
  • 2006. 12. The 3rd Graduation Ceremony
  • 2007. 2. Soroti Campus Open
  • 2007. 4. Establish Sisterhood Relationship with Handong University
  • 2007. 9. The 4th Graduation Ceremony
  • 2008. 2. Establish Sisterhood Relationship with Chungnam University
  • 2009. 6. Establish Sisterhood Relationship with Yanbian University of Science & Technology
  • 2009. 10. The 5th Graduation Ceremony
  • 2009. 11. Establish Sisterhood Relationship with Soongsil University
  • 2010. 9. The 3rd Vice Chancellor Dr. Sujin Choo
  • 2011. 3. The 6th Graduation Ceremony
  • 2011. 10. The 7th Graduation Ceremony
  • 2012. 4. The 4th Vice Chancellor Dr. Sunyoung Kim
  • 2012. 11. The 8th Graduation Ceremony

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