Kumi University Department of Education and Languages

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Kumi University Department of Education and Languages

Kumi University Department of Education and Languages – see details below:

Dear prospective student, I most hear by welcome you to the Department of Education. We are very grateful that we feature in your search and it’s our outmost hope that your choice of study career and research institution is and will be Kumi University. The Department of Education is the largest and most vibrant in the Faculty of Education and Languages. The future prospectus will be to create more departments of External studies as the need arises

The department is committed to producing well-groomed and vibrant teachers who will be in position to meet the demands of the society, in secondary schools at all the levels of secondary education.

The department also handles teachers who wish to improve on their teaching qualifications from the different levels of Teachers Education such as Grade II to Grade IV, Grade V to Grad notes and in the near future to master’s levels.

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Department of Education and Languages

Our students have been in position to compete favorably in the job market

especially the per-course students who are readily absorbed to the teaching positions after completion of their courses. They have also not met any hurdles during the process of registration at the ministry. For the in service students, they have been able to improve upon their social mobility by moving to highest positions within the profession.

The prospective students who join us are carefully taken through our well designed curricular that offer theoretical knowledge, research skills, school practice and other planned activities like extracurricular activities.

I cordially look forward to welcoming you dearly to the Department. We shall treasure your presence and contributions and together we shall be in position to model the citizens of our motherland Uganda.

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