Kampala University School of Arts and Social Sciences

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Kampala University School of Arts and Social Sciences

Kampala University School of Arts and Social Sciences – see the list of courses offered at the school:

The degree Programmes provide a framework and practical techniques for effective and efficient management and use of resources and opportunities for sustainable economic development and social change. Impart learners with skills in the management and solving of social problems.

Study societal problems and lobby for policies to address those problems.

Courses Offered.

  1. SWASA
  2. Development Studies
  3. Mass Communication
  4. Political Science
  5. Public Administration

The main objective of the programme is to nurture the spirit of professionalism. The programme produces graduates who strive to be creators of employment hence the Programme is a vehicle used to foster sustainable development, progress and prosperity of the people of Uganda, the East Africans and the rest of the world.The curriculum stresses integration of appropriate knowledge of human behavior, social welfare, policy, services and research to creatively blend values and skills that necessitate intervention at micro, macro and mezzo levels of intervention.

Objectives Of the Programme.

  • To provide a foundation for professional social workers and counsellors by imparting knowledge and skills to graduates that meet career requirements of managers in the private and public sectors.
  • To produce graduates with quality social work and counselling training that will contribute to national and international economic growth and development.

Short courses.

  1. Guidances & Counseling.
  2. Radio and television production.
  3. Radio and television news writing.
  4. Introduction to public relations.
  5. News Editing and Design.
  6. Reseach writing.
  7. Art of public speaking.
  8. Hiv/Aids Counseling.
  9. Crisis Management.
  10. Martial Counselling.
  11. Stress Management.
  12. Group and family counseling.
  13. Development policy planning.
  14. Internship training .

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