Kampala University Graduate School

Kampala University Graduate School

Kampala University Graduate School – check below:

The Graduate School is mandated to coordinate and manage graduate and postgraduate programmes. It runs the Doctoral programmes at the University. In liaison with the Higher Degrees Committee, the GS tracks the progress of all MPhil and PhD candidates through graduate seminars, research methodology workshops and progress panels. The SPGS also organizes the oral defense of Masters and Doctoral thesis before graduation.

Many students opt for an advanced degree with hope of earning a higher salary from the very beginning of their career. However, the decision to attend graduate school should not be based solely on the expectation of monetary benefits.

Many of the advantages of graduate school are qualitative, involving the kind of challenging projects one can pursue with an advanced degree that might not be open to you without one and the satisfaction that results. Graduate school provides training in research. Attending Graduate school facilitates the student’s ability to advance the state of theoretical analysis as projected through cutting-edge research. A graduate degree gives the holder more credibility among peers.

The program operates on a triad arrangement; offering Regular Programs (August intake); Distance Learning Program (August & January Intakes) and In – service Program (April, August & December In-takes). The Distance Learning students are offered courses covering 30 contact hours (Face to Face), in each unit which are always accomplished in one week. The remaining hours are covered in the unique and comprehensive module and e – Learning arrangements.

Ethereal Doctorate Degree Programs Doctorate Degree

The title of degrees issued by Kampala University includes a religious modifier that immediately proceeds, or is included within, any of the following degree.

Kampala University offers only educational programs that prepare students for religious vocations as ministers, professionals, or laypersons in the categories of ministry, counseling, theology, education, administration, music, fine arts, media communications, or social work.

Earning a doctorate degree takes you to a new and high level of competencies that enables further career progress whether as a researcher , an academician or a professional. There is no doubt that an investment in a doctorate degree economically pays off as it qualifies you to assume higher level positions and thereby increasing your potential earnings.

Ethereal Doctorate degree programs have been designed that enables students to acquire an in depth understanding of the academic knowledge as well as develop high level analytical, critical and research skills.

Ethereal Doctorate degree programs are provided on-campus and online in a flexible and accelerated format. In the flexible format, you will finish each course in 15 weeks while in the accelerated format, you can finish each course in six weeks.

Once you have filled out your registration form and it has been processed, you can start your degree program immediately. The University offers the following Doctorate Degrees and Masters Programs

Courses for doctrate programs

Ethereal Doctorate in Business Administration
Ethereal DBA
Doctorate in Islamic Studies
Ethereal DBA
Ethereal Doctorate in Humanities
Grief Counseling

Courses Offered for Masters Programs

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