Kabale University Environment and Natural Resources

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Kabale University Environment and Natural Resources

Kabale University Environment and Natural Resources – Check the list of courses offered at the department:

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources is one of the oldest departments in the Faculty of Science. The department currently offers three programmes namely Bachelor of Environmental Science, Diploma in Environmental Science and Bachelor of Agricultural Land Use Planning and Management.

Specialty and Branding
The programmes in the department are reviewed in the last 2 years to make them academically rigorous and relevant and also competitive in the job market.  Our graduates find employment in a wide range of organizations in both the private and public sectors.

Research Activities
Our students have conducted research with their supervisors in the areas of water pollution, soil erosion, waste management, agroforestry, sustainable land management systems, ecotourism, soil fertility, indigenous knowledge systems, soil science, and agriculture.
Staff members are equally carrying out research in the following broad areas: pollution, bioremediation, water quality and quantity, waste management, environmental impact assessment, agroforestry, soil fertility, climate change and food security and aquatic ecology.

Our Vision
To become a reputable and outstanding center of excellence in teaching, learning, consultancy, and research in environmental sciences for better management of environmental resources such as water, land, air among others.

To provide quality teaching, learning, consultancy and research, promote creativity and instill moral values necessary for sustainable development.

Identify statement
The Department of Environment and Natural Resources is a community of scholars committed to the research, development, and dissemination of knowledge in environmental sciences.

The following are the objectives of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources

  • To develop, promote and expand University education in environmental studies through the initiation of new programs and alternative modes of delivery including the use of modern technology.
  • To participate in research, dissemination, and presentation of environmental sciences knowledge for both academic and societal development.
  • To nurture excellence and high standards of professionalism in research, teaching, learning and community service in the area of the environment.
  • To provide equal opportunities for those qualify to pursue environmental sciences at university level education.
  • To ensure the promotion and development of student’s welfare for the attainment of academic excellence in environmental science.

Programmes Offered

Currently, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources offers the following programmes:

  • Bachelor of Environmental Science
  • Bachelor of Agricultural Land Use Planning and Management
  • Diploma in Environmental Science

Proposed Undergraduate Programmes

  • Bachelor of Agribusiness
  • Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

Proposed Postgraduate Programmes

  • Msc. Environment and Natural Resources
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Impact Assessment and Monitoring

In addition to the highly qualified staff, the Department has laboratories where some analyses of chemical and biological parameters can be done. A computer laboratory of the University, with internet access is also available to students. More specialized analyses are conducted in collaborating laboratories. The University buses are always available for students for going for field work.  Additionally, the department has enough land for agricultural demonstrations for students doing Bachelor of Agricultural Land Use Planning and Management.

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