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International University Of East Africa IUEA Centre of Languages and Professional Skills

IUEA Centre of Languages and Professional Skills – see the list of courses offered and its entry requirements at the Centre of Languages and Professional Skills…

About The Faculty

The Centre of Languages and Professional Skills (CLAPS) is a language school offering French’ Chinese, Kiswahili, and English classes tailored to international standards. Our teachers have experience in dealing with people from a variety of cultures so each student feels nurtured, heard and respected regardless of where they come from. The centre has a small student- teacher ratio which ensures that everyone gets the attention they need. Our teachers who are patient and attentive care about each student individually and monitor their progress from the time they join the centre. The lessons are fun and interactive with audio-visual aids, debates and a variety of other activities to make the learning experience enjoyable. We understand your need. Making sure that our students are satisfied and progressing is our priority.
At CLAPS, we not only provide language classes but also offer a cultural and social experience. For a foreigner who has recently arrived in Uganda, our school is a great place for you to initiate yourself into the country as you make friends and interact with others who understand what it means to be far away from home.
The CLAPS team also administers English Proficiency Tests for new students joining IUEA whose prior education was not in English. This is a short interactive test between the student and the assessor, whose goal is to ensure that students have the necessary English competence needed to pursue their studies at IUEA. For those whose proficiency level is insufficient, the university has programs for remedial language classes.

  • Create relevant, in-demand programs appropriate for the local and regional market
  • Provide academic and professional support for IUEA students and staff
  • Use dynamic technological learning strategies to facilitate student learning
  • Meet international standards and expectations of language learning
  • Enhance the University’s reputation by offering a diversity of programs that improve competencies in languages and professional skills for IUEA students and the local market.
  • Assist the University’s administration and different Faculty needs through testing and facilitation of academic and professional skills training.
Programs at Center of Languages and Professional Skill

  • English
  • Chinese
  • French
  • Kiswahili
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Introduction to english

English is the most widely spoken global language and very important for students pursuing higher education. CLAPS at IUEA aims to support students entering their higher education by offering world class and context appropriate English language instruction to prepare them for live long learning .
Our English programme uses both linguistic as well as communicative approaches to language learning so that students can take advantage of learning English and then using it in an English speaking country .
English courses include Beginner, Elementary and Intermediate and are based on the Common European Framework reference of Languages. Student class sizes are small to improve the learning experience. english beginner (A1) 140 hours This course provides learners with essential English language skills, vocabulary and grammatical structures required to successfully communicate at a beginner to elementary level of English. Learners will build confidence using all language skills of listening, speaking, writing and reading English using real world contexts and scenarios to apply new knowledge . The curricula is based on skills required to meet CEFr A1 in English .

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