HESFB Approved Public and Private Institutions

HESFB Approved Public and Private Degree awarding Institutions of Higher Learning

HESFB Approved Public and Private Institutions – see the list of schools approved by HESFB…

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Approved Public and Private Degree awarding Institutions of Higher Learning:

Public Universities
1. Busitema University
2. Gulu University
3. Kabale University
4. Kyambogo University
5. Lira University
6. Makerere University
7. Mbarara University of Sc & Technology
8. Muni University
9 Soroti University
10. Makerere University Business School

Private Universities
1. Bishop Stuart University
2. Bugema University
3. Islamic University in Uganda
4. Kampala International University
5. Ndejje University
6. Nkumba University
7. Uganda Christian University
8. Uganda Martyrs University
9. Kampala University
10. Mountains of the Moon University

Health Institutions

  1.     Butabika Psychiatric Nursing School
  2.     Butabika School of Psychiatric Clinical Officers
  3.     Health Tutors College Mulago
  4.     Jinja Nursing School
  5.     Jinja School of Nursing and Midwifery
  6.     Masaka School of Comprehensive Nursing
  7.     Medical Laboratory Technician’s School, Jinja
  8.     Mulago Medical Laboratory School
  9.     Mulago School of Dispensing/ Pharmacy
  10.     Mulago School of Nursing and Midwifery
  11.     Mulago School of Occupational Therapy
  12.     Mulago School of Physiotherapy
  13.     Mulago School of Radiography
  14.     Ophthalmic Clinical officers training school
  15.     Public Health Nurses’ college
  16.     School of Clinical Officers, Fort portal
  17.     School of Clinical Officers, Mbale
  18.     School of Clinical Officers, Gulu
  19.     School of Hygiene, Mbale
  20.     Soroti School of Comprehensive Nursing


  1.     Institute of Survey and Land Management
  2.     National Meteorological Training School
  3.     Uganda Institute of Information and Communications Technology
  4.     Uganda Petroleum Institute Kigumba
  5.     Uganda Technical College, Bushenyi
  6.     Uganda Technical College, Elgon
  7.     Uganda Technical College, Kicwamba
  8.     Uganda Technical College, Kyema
  9.     Uganda Technical College, Lira


  1.     National Teachers’ College – Kabale, Kabale
  2.     National Teachers’ College – Kaliro, Kaliro
  3.     National Teachers’ College – Mubende, Mubende
  4.     National Teachers’ College – Muni, Arua
  5.     National Teachers’ College – Unyama, Gulu

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