Gulu University Hostels and Fees | Accommodation

Gulu University Hostels and Fees

Gulu University Hostels and Fees – Read details below:

Just like any other normal student, staying in a hostel is part of one’s life while at University. A hostel is one’s home away from home.

For those studying at Gulu University, there are a number of hostels around the university charging different fees depending on the services available.

Hostels with self contained rooms charge higher rates compared to those that are not. Single rooms are equally more expensive than rooms that are shared by two or three students.

At hostels where services like shuttles, free internet, DSTV students pay higher fees than those hostels without such services.

No HOSTEL NAME GENDER CHARGES (Shillings) Per Semester
1 Florida Hostel Male & Female 600,000/= to 700,000/=
2 Redeemer Hostel Male & Female 600,000/=
3 Pioneer Joint Hostel Male & Female 500,000/= to 600,000/=
4 Lakaraber Hostel Mixed 700,000/=
5 Maber Hostel Male & Female 450,000/=
6 Oasis Hostel Male & Female 450/000/=
7 Bricon Hostel Male & Female 400,000/= to 500,000/=
8 Mandela Hostel Male & Female 700,000/=
9 University Cottage Male & Female 600,000/=
10 Green Park Hostel For Medical Students 900,000/=
11 Inland Girls Hostel Female only 900,000/=
12 Edimos Hostel Male & Female 600,000/=
1314 Basma HostelOcwee Memorial Hostel Male & FemaleMedical Students 700,000/=450,000/=

Gulu University is one of the Public universities in Uganda with a student population of over 60,000.

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