Gulu University Faculty of Education and Humanities

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Gulu University Faculty of Education and Humanities

Gulu University Faculty of Education and Humanities – Read details below:

Gulu University, one of the five operating public universities in Uganda, opened its first academic semester in October 2002 with two faculties: the Faculty of Science Education and the Institute of Human Resource Development. Therefore, the Faculty of Science Education which was later transformed into Faculty of Education and Humanities is in essence a pioneer faculty.

The then Faculty of Science Education started with science subject combinations which included Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Geography, Economics, Sport Science and Technological Education. In its strategic plan of 2003/2004–2008/2009 and arising from the increasing demand for higher education, the Faculty envisioned a growing need in academic programmes, staffing and student enrolment. It is against this background that the University Senate decided to introduce the teaching of combinations in the Humanities viz; History, Language, Literature, Business Education, Religion, Economics and Geography. The University Council approved the restructuring of the Faculty of Science Education into the Faculty of Education and Humanities and the Faculty of Science.

The Faculty of Science Education started with 68 students in 2002/2003 growing into a population of 959 students in 2012/2013


The Faculty envisions being, and seen to be, a centre of excellence in academic and professional teacher development as well as in research and outreach services in pursuit of the overall corporate vision of Gulu University.


The Faculty’s mission is to train professional teachers and educationalists who are creative and independent minded to meet the high demand for teachers who will transform communities globally and country wide.


  • The activities in the Faculty are geared to achieving the following objectives; Broadening access to and meeting the increasing demand for quality teaching and learning resources in both the sciences and humanities
  • To train individuals who are conversant in pedagogy and seek to uphold the teaching profession, its values and integrity Teaching and assessment of learning achievements in professional and academic disciplines of education and humanities respectively; and presenting successful candidates for graduation in the respective fields.
  • Conducting basic and applied researches in the areas of education and humanities based teaching, learning and evaluation.
  • Providing outreach services for sustainable development with special emphasis on responsiveness and sensitivity to community needs and positive transformation.

Assoc. Prof. Charles N. Okumu

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