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Gulu University Department of Environment and Natural Resources Management

Gulu University Environment and Natural Resources – Read details below:

The department of Environment and Natural Resources Management was established in 2005 together with the other five departments in the faculty of agriculture and environment. The department performs academic research at the interface of agri-environmental processes and applied research related to the environment. The department is envisioned to promote the understanding, quantification and prediction of the relationships between environmental performance and agricultural practice on the one hand and between agricultural performance and environmental boundary conditions on the other hand with careful attention given to the spatio-temporal context and dynamics of the involved physical and socio-economic processes.
The main mission of the department is to offer a significant contribution from science to a more sustainable development of the world and as such we want to increase the harmony between humans and ‘nature’.

Study Programs
The department is the homespun for the an exceptional graduate program in the Faculty of Agriculture and Environment, Masters of Science in Environmental Science and Natural Resources Management (MSc.MES) whose importance is based upon the rapid and significant impact of environmental degradation on livelihoods, sustainable development and national development. The department is one of the powerful rivet in the wheel for the running of the PhD in Agricultural and applied Biosciences, especially in the environmental management thematic areas. With the guidance of the Dean of the faculty, the department is at the verge of introducing Bachelor of Science in Environment and Natural Resources Management.

Research interests
The department carries out researches which are making contributions to the scientific understanding of societal issues such as climate change adaptation, biodiversity crisis and its mitigation, bio-energy, multifunctional forest and nature and wildlife management with respect to the sustainable management of natural resources and functioning of natural and manmade ecosystems at different spatial and temporal scales. The department intends to work explicitly interdisciplinary recognizing the complexity of ecosystems.

The ambition of the department is to contribute to better support of policies and practices in the agri-environmental and related domains through an assortment of courses being delivered to the students and conducting high policy impact research. As the department grows together with faculty, we shall engage in research disciplines like environmental microbiology, Soil chemistry, and soil ecotoxicology with which the environmental quality of soils, ground- and surface water are studied. We shall study the fate and effects of pesticides, toxic trace metals, polyaromatic hydrocarbons and chlorinated solvents in soil, ground- and surface water and their removal in (bio) systems for treatment of soil and water. These will cover the whole scale from a molecular to ecosystems levels.

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