Gulu University Admission Requirements 2023-2024

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Gulu University Admission Requirements 2023-2024

Gulu University Admission Requirements – Check the list of courses offered at Gulu University and their entry requirements:

Admission requirement for all the courses at the undergraduate, diploma and postgraduate level is updated every year. Therefore, this article contains the full list of all the undergraduate and postgraduate courses coupled with their general requirements.

For admission into programmes of study at the Gulu University, GU Uganda for any first degree or second degree, an applicant must have the following requirements for a successful admission.


Gulu University, GU has two principal avenues for entry into the University:

Direct “A” Level Entry
  •  Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE); and
  •  At least 2 principal passes at Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) obtained at the same sitting or its equivalent.
Mature Age Entry Scheme
  •  25 years of age and above; and
  •  Must have passed mature age entry examinations with 50% mark and above.
Entry Requirement for Ordinary Diploma Programmes
  •  Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) with at least 5 passes; and
  •  Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) with 1 principal pass and 2 subsidiary passes obtained at the same sitting or its equivalent.


Entry requirements for a Postgraduate degree Programme

A Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from an accredited University in a subject or subjects relevant to the course applied for.

Duration of Programme: 1 Academic Year

Entry requirements for a Masters degree Programme

A Bachelors’ degree or postgraduate diploma from an accredited University in a subject or subjects relevant to the course applied for.

Duration of Programme: 2 Academic Years

Entry requirements for a DBA or PhD degree programme

Applicants must be holders of Master’s degree or any other related programs from a recognized University. Practitioner Experience: Applicants must have management experience of at least three years pre – or – post Masters.

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    Due to corona virus, will august intake be open for 2020-2021

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    Is it possible to get a diploma in nursing science when I got an E in BIO,C in AGRIC. and F in CHEM

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    I wishbto find out if I can enroll into this university.
    I am a cameroonian with a degree in nursing/ Midwifery

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    Is it possible for Alevel student who did HEG/SM to Bachelor of development Economic

  5. Daniel olope

    may i know whether some one who got 13points in A’level who had been doing BCM with
    {bio_C chem_E and mtc_B}
    be admitted to bachelor in medicine and surgery

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    For sure i have over waited but still am not seeing the list of admission of 2021 to 2022 but is it out any way someone to answer me


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