Clarke International University School of Business Short Courses

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Clarke International University School of Business and Applied Technology Short Courses

Clarke International University School of Business Short Courses – Check below:

We offer

Short courses in

Communication Skills

Keyboard proficiency. English grammar and spelling health check. Writing clearly & efficiently. Public speaking with impact. Active listening. Using video to communicate. Applying critical thinking

Quantitative Skills

Spreadsheet skills. Getting insights from data. Producing charts that speak clearly. Basics of research, analysis and tracking. Financial models, pivot tables.

Marketing Skills

What is marketing? Researching markets & understanding customers. Strategy & competitive advantage. Pricing tactics. Advertising choices. Channels to market. Social media. Database and CRM. Tracking & analysing. Planning & budgeting.

Organisation & Change Management

Strategic alignment and organization design. McKinsey’s 7 S’s and other models.  Examples of organization structure options. Accountability and responsibility: who has the “D”?  Theory of change. Drivers of change. Change management models. Implementing and sustaining change.

Project Management

Define, plan, and manage projects with confidence. Build a project management plan with a team in a simulated project environmentApply the Agile and Lean techniques.  Setting objectives around Cost, Quality & Service.  Milestone planning and Gant charts. Project Management & Prioritisation tools.  Addressing risks and issues. Personal “Getting Things Done” disciplines.


Cybersecurity is one of the most in-demand skills in the market today, and this demand will only get stronger. By 2021, experts predict the IT security industry will have a shortage of 1.8 million employees!


Why leadership matters today. Styles of leadership. Your leadership DNA,  “Why should anyone be led by you?” 150 years of academic research on leadership. Role models. Leaders versus Managers. Relational leadership, emotional intelligence, intuition, dynamics of teams, servant leadership, situational leadership.

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