Bugema University Intensive English Program

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Bugema University Intensive English Program

Bugema University Intensive English Program – see the list of courses offered under the Intensive English Program…

Context of Program
The Language Education Department developed an intensive English program as a result of the increasing number of students from non-English speaking countries of Uganda’s neighborhood and beyond. This problem is influencing negatively on their academic standards of not only the students but the university as a whole. The identification of this problem warranted the organizing of a program to solve it. And so faculty of Language Education Department of Bugema University designed a program for these students. The program mainly targets students from countries like South Sudan, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo and others.

Justification of the Program
Intensive English addresses the issue of enabling the non-English speakers to be taught English before they start their programs (or even to learn English as another language), to the extent that they will be able to speak and write English reasonably well during their academic life in the university and beyond. Less than this step, the students are likely to be rebounded to repetition, dismissal, very low academic grades and many other such negative consequences. Not only will this affect the students but also the university as a whole.

Vision of the Program
To make students from non-English speaking communities gain competence in communicating in English.


The goals for this program are:

  1. To help prepare students for under graduate and graduate programs.
  2. To help prepare students to communicate in English.

The program aims to:

1 Make non-English speaking students be able to speak English.

2 Make non-English speaking students be able to read English texts.

3 Make non-English speaking students be able to write in English.

4 Make non-English speaking students be gain listening skills.

The targeted beneficiaries of this program are the students from non-English speaking countries who have come to do their higher education here at Bugema University or expect to continue to any other institutions of higher learning.

Program Learning Outcomes
By the end of the program, students will be expected to be able to:

  1. Read English texts.
  2. Write letters, essays, CVs narratives, assignments, exams etc.
  3. Speak English reasonably well.
  4. Listen and comprehend English communications.
  5. Generally be able to communicate in English.

As a university program, Intensive English will be evaluated on a daily basis. It will also involve periodic evaluation (continuous assessment) through classroom exercises, assignments and examinations at the end of each semester. Exams will be both oral and written.

Entry Requirements
To do Intensive English, students must first have the minimum university entry requirements of their countries of origin; or have 2 principal passes at A-Level. Students must have performed well in the languages of instruction of their countries. They will have to first be given a placement test before joining the program.

Program Duration
The program takes one academic year which is made up of two semesters

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