Bishop Barham University College Historical Background

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Bishop Barham University College Historical Background

Bishop Barham University College Historical Background – Check below:

About BBUC

Bishop Barham University College is a Constituent College of Uganda Christian University, located in Kabale in the Southwest of Uganda.

Histroy & Current Situation
The institution was originally founded in 1924 by Dr. S. Smith and L. Sharp, who had come to Uganda with the Rwanda Mission (CMS). The purpose was to train Bible teachers and  lay readers for the Western region of Uganda. BBUC sits in the cradle of the revival movement commonly known as the “East African Revival”. Moreover, BBUC is right where the first educational center in the Kigezi area (southwestern Uganda) was established. In the 1980s, the College (back then simply called Bishop Barham College) rose to become a Regional Theological College of the Church of Uganda for the southwestern region. In 2000, the Church of Uganda Provincial Assembly granted the College the status of a Constituent College of Uganda Christian University for the western region of Uganda. This status was ratified by the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) on 27th of March 2006. The main campus of Uganda Christian University is situated in Mukono, just 24 km away from Kampala, Uganda’s capital. Since its founding, BBUC has increased its offerings from certificate to diploma, bachelor’s and postgraduate degree programmes.

The University is administered by 12 Church of Uganda dioceses, namely Kigezi, North Kigezi, Kinkizi, Muhabura, Ankole, West Ankole, North Ankole, Rwenzori, South Rwenzori, East Rwenzori, Bunyoro-Kitara and Masindi-Kitara.

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Bishop Barham University College can rightfully claim to  have offered education and training for a wide cross-section of both church and civic leaders, and that since 1924. We have  adopted an holistic educational approach. BBUC cherishes its interdenominational character. We also do not discriminate against anyone on the basis of gender, age, colour, race, nationality, or disability. BBUC is proud to have attained international status by admitting students not only from all over Uganda, but also from the D.R. of Congo, the Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, the USA and the UK. Also among the staff of BBUC  are people drawn from Uganda, the UK, the USA, Germany and other countries.


“A Centre of Excellence in the Heart of Africa.”


“Alpha and Omega, God the Beginning and the End”


The aim of the University College is that through growth in -spiritual maturity, -biblical knowledge and -ministerial and management skills, our graduates may be equipped to serve both church and society.


1 To provide directly through affiliation with other institutions of higher learning a Christian-based university education to all those admitted, to stimulate intellectual inquiry, and to provide for the advancement, transmission and preservation of knowledge within a Christian context.

2 To prepare men and women for the ordained and lay Christian ministries – in other words, to educate future church and community leaders.

3 To instill in students an essentially Christian approach to life – whether in the religious, social, political or economic sphere.

4 To meet community needs for enlightened leadership in theological education, literacy, health, education, environmental management, research, science, development, and entrepreneurship.

5 To contribute to the formation of a healthy, educated, responsible, innovative, hardworking, enlightened, gender-sensitive and time-conscious society.


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